Ruby 3.2 Released With WebAssembly Support, Production-Grade YJIT


Ruby programming language developers have issued a Christmas release of the latest iteration of this language focused on simplicity and productivity.

With today’s Ruby 3.2 release there is an initial port to WebAssembly using the WebAssembly System Interface (WASI). This WASM port allows Ruby to run within a web browser and other WASM-based environments. The WebAssembly/WASI support with Ruby appears to be in fairly good shape for its initial premiere but with some features still to be implemented.

The other big change with Ruby 3.2 is the YJIT compiler now deemed production-ready with the “experimental” tag having been removed. Ruby introduced YJIT last year as a speedy, in-process JIT compiler. Ruby’s YJIT currently supports x86_64 and AArch64 platforms on Linux, macOS, BSD, and other Unix platforms. With the v3.2 update there is also now support for YJIT on the Apple M1/M2, AWS Graviton, Raspberry Pi 4, and other hardware. Ruby 3.2 YJIT is also much faster tha Ruby 3.1 and also using much less memory overhead.

Ruby 3.2 also has improvements to its regexp implementation, the syntax_suggest feature has been integrated into Ruby, ErrorHighlight is now more robust, and a variety of other language refinements.

Downloads and more information on today’s holiday release of Ruby 3.2 can be found via

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