DDB Mozambique wins at Lusophone awards

DDB Mozambique was one of the most awarded agencies of the night at the 4th Annual Festival of Creativity Awards, involving Lusophone countries, held on March 29, 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal, where the Lusophone agencies and producers of the year were awarded.

'It is not a child's thing' campaign by DDB Mozambique

‘It is not a child’s thing’ campaign by DDB Mozambique

DDB Mozambique held third place in the ranking of the most recognised agencies: total three Gold, seven Silver and two Bronze awards.

For this contest, DDB Mozambique submitted works with the titles: Não é coisa de criança (It is not a child’s thing), for Helpo’s Presente Solidario project; and ENEMIESAD for Jeito Condoms. Não é coisa de criança (It is not a child’s thing), for Helpo was awarded three Gold and four Silver awards in the Brand Activation, Relational Marketing, PR and Media categories.

ENEMIESAD for JEITO Condoms received three Silver and two Bronze awards in the Press and PR, Outdoor and Media categories.

DDB Mozambique creative executive director, Luís Guimarães, said: “This is proof that there is great potential for creativity in Africa, particularly in Mozambique. It is with great pride that we have won these prizes, proof of the immense effort put every day by our team at DDB Moçambique. These prizes are for them and for all Mozambicans.”

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