Coding for Your Country: ODNI Celebrates National Coding Week

This week ODNI celebrates National Coding Week by highlighting how coding enables the Intelligence Community’s mission and the impressive coders behind the technology. From the National Security Agency to the Defense Intelligence Agency to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and beyond, the IC uses coding in a variety of ways.

NGA supports geospatial analysis efforts by using satellite imagery to evaluate changes in water surfaces over time – a concept known as water surface dynamics. They do this by using satellite imagery to determine what percentage of an area is covered by water. This python-based coding project is instrumental in helping the NGA and other agencies make decisions based on water security.

“Water security is the evaluation of the availability of water required to sustain life and economic activity,” said Anthony Nguy-Robertson, NGA’s Water Security Program Manager. “NGA uses this information to make predictions on if water will be available to sustain life and industry, from if there is enough water to support local crops, to if there is enough water to fulfil cooling needs for nuclear reactors. As a combat support agency, this information can also help the warfighter make decisions on military movement, which may be affected by droughts or flooding.”

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