Xbox Games with Gold for January 2023 revealed

Before we break for an extended New Year’s holiday weekend, Microsoft has revealed the next set of Games with Gold titles. As per usual now that the Xbox 360 catalog has been tapped, we will be getting two free games next month. They are Iris Fall and Autonauts.

While neither game would be considered a blockbuster, they are both unique and appealing in their own ways.

Iris Fall is a platform puzzler with design mechanics that fuse the concept of light and shadow within the game’s story, art, and puzzles.

Switch between light and shadow and pass through the two realities as you experience unique interlacing of black and white, as well as both 2D and 3D.

Iris Fall is a couple of years old now but there weren’t many reviews for the Xbox version of the game. The ones that are out there are generally favorable, so if you’re a fan of puzzlers this might be one to check out.

Autonauts is definitely an interesting game though admittedly it’s probably got niche appeal. At its core, it’s a simulation builder but with an emphasis on automation.

Set off and explore the galaxy, discovering uninhabited planets and transforming them with the ultimate goal of having them run with automated worker bots and artificial intelligence.

Another cool thing about Autonauts is its playful teaching of programming. It’s a good first step into the world of programming as you must teach your worker bots by giving them tasks to complete via an approachable visual programming language. While it’s easy to learn, there is an added complexity that allows for numerous possibilities. If you’re into simulation games with open-endedness and the opportunity to express your creativity, Autonauts seems like a game you might like.

Iris Fall will be available for the entirety of January, while Autonauts can be claimed between January 16 and February 15. Don’t forget to claim your remaining Games with Gold titles from December.

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