Writing Studio Programs Reach Larger Number of Students and Faculty, Leading to Record Semester

In its first fall semester in the Cordia Harrington Center for Excellence, the Writing Studio is enjoying a record-breaking semester. Thanks to new programming for students and faculty and increased appointment attendance, the Writing Studio is achieving its mission of helping to promote a campus culture of writing.

Some of the key highlights of the Fall 2022 semester include:

  • Increased appointment attendance: Through the first eight weeks of the Fall 2022 semester, students attended 987 appointments at the Writing Studio. This is a 97% increase compared to the same eight-week period in the Spring 2022 semester.
  • New campus collaborations: In its mission to reach more students through faculty and program collaborations, the Writing Studio engaged in exciting new partnerships in Fall 2022. Some of the studio’s notable partnerships include Honors College Pre-Law and Research weeks; Electrical Engineering lab reports; Mullins Library service exchange and joint workshops; EMSON DNP Writing Across the Curriculum programming; Program for Rhetoric and Composition boot camp, workshops and embedded tutoring; Global Campus orientation sessions; and Graduate Student Support workshops, five things emails and weekly write-ins.
  • Increased workshop offerings: During Fall 2022, the Writing Studio has 85 workshops on its schedule–three times the number of workshops the team held in Spring 2022. Some of its most popular offerings include workshops introducing students to the writing studio, academic reading, information literacy and demystifying academic writing.
  • Accountability partner program launch: The Beat the Block Accountability Writing Program was launched this fall to support graduate thesis and dissertation writers. Nearly 100 graduate students participated in the Writing Studio’s “Get Out of Your Head and Into Writing” workshop this fall, which is the kickoff event to participate in the accountability program. Programming includes 21 accountability partnerships consisting of a graduate student and a graduate consultant who meet weekly to support long-term writing projects, two weekly writing coaching groups and two weekly write-ins. The program will continue into Spring 2023 due to strong student interest.

“Fall 2022 has been a busy semester for the team at the Writing Studio thanks to new programming and a substantial increase in students attending appointments,” said Dana Blair, Writing Studio coordinator. “The continued interest in our services and programs from both students and faculty is exciting, equating to a strong culture of writing campuswide and better writing outcomes and confidence for our students. We look forward to continuing to grow our offerings to meet the needs of our campus community into the Spring 2023 semester and beyond.”

To learn more about the Writing Studio and its services, visit https://success.uark.edu/tutors/writing-studio.php.


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