Wolken Software eyes expansion to new geographies; revolutionize customer service

Wolken Software is a technology and an innovation-driven company that thrives on the efficiencies of its personnel, client relations and a solid product suite. It offers a range of cloud-native applications to help modern companies revolutionize their customer service. 

Tell us about Wolken Software

Wolken Software offers a suite of cloud-native applications to help modern companies revolutionize their customer service. Over the decade, Wolken has grown to add Fortune 100 & 500 companies to its clientele in the US, Europe & Asia region, with end users across 60 countries with its out-of-the-box, configurable, secure, and scalable enterprise-class products. We have helped enterprises increase agent efficiency by up to 35%, improve customer satisfaction to 4.7/5, and reduce overall support costs by up to 50% by minimizing the number of Tier 1 support staff required. 

Tell us about your product portfolio and the type of tech and algorithms you use 

Wolken provides a suite of cloud-native applications for Customer Service and Enterprise Solutions, namely Wolken Customer ServiceDesk, IT Service Management, HR & Quality Case Management. We also have a Self Service/Assisted ServiceDesk solution, Wolken Care, for Small & Mid-sized companies.

Wolken product is built on a modern tech stack with HA architecture hosted on AWS cloud. Wolken uses technologies like Angular, Java, Node JS, Elastic Search, Redis, and Mysql and exposed REST services for external integrations with the RBAC. For Data encryption Wolken uses TLS version 1.2 for data in transit and AES 256 encryption algorithm for data at rest. Wolken supports several SSO applications to enable access control. Wolken does periodic VA and PT to gain insights about the security risks associated with the environment using third-party tools and comes up with mitigation measures.

What sets Wolken Software apart from its competitors?

Wolken Software, a technology and innovation-driven company, thrive on the efficiencies of its personnel, client relations and a solid product suite.

A knowledge base, omnichannel assistance, real-time monitoring and reporting with a built-in BI tool, can be integrated with various third-party applications, auto-categorization, and automatic channeling of received queries are just a few of the salient features Wolken Software provides.

Wolken ServiceDesk is easy to use, completely customisable, a low to no-code platform, and has quick time-to-market in a way that we are ready to implement our solution in hours for small and medium companies and weeks for big enterprises. All of this is at a fraction of the cost offered by our competitors.

We have effectively replaced illustrious names like Servicenow & Salesforce at numerous Fortune 500 companies.

What are the challenges the sector faces, and how are you offering solutions to curb the problems?

The major challenge the SaaS industry faces is that there are several hybrid solutions in the market, so it is essential to understand if one chooses a simple SaaS solution that only needs a browser. If the product asks one to install any special software or keep specific application components on-premises, it may be a partial SaaS solution, and one may pay more.

Wolken’s ServiceDesk is a complete cloud solution that does not need the users to download any additional applications or set up an internal support team, as the ServiceDesk is entirely customisable and extremely easy to use. Also, Wolken has an easy pay-per-user per-month model and no hidden charges. 

The steps you are undertaking to safeguard the data

Wolken is a 100% compliant organization regarding our customer’s data security. Our SOC 2 certification ensures you enjoy data integrity and confidentiality when using Wolken ServiceDesk. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Wolken is hosted on AWS  and applies security policies to safeguard the data at all levels. We have 2-factor authentication configured wherever it is applicable. Wolken has a VPN (Virtual Private Network) configured to allow data access. We take pride in providing businesses with a platform to store their data while they focus on Customer Delight safely. Wolken has made it a mission to ensure that our customer’s valuable information is kept safe, secure, and accessible only by those who need to see it by access only.

How do you plan on taking Wolken’s journey forward?

Wolken plans to strengthen existing relationships with its clients and grow its business by developing partnerships and collaborations with local companies in new geographies. Through networking events and expert connections, the company will share more industry best practices with clients seeking new ways to revolutionize their customer experience.

Wolken has around 40 clients, of which around 50% are in the Fortune 500 space and comprise names like SoftBank, Fujitsu, Broadcom, CA, etc. We have been assiduously following a “Land and Expand” strategy. Aside from this, Wolken has repurposed the core product to include the HR helpdesk, Quality helpdesk, Finance helpdesk, etc., in addition to the core functionality of being a class IT helpdesk product. The customer care skin has been augmented to include self-service functionality and address a market hitherto not addressed by customer care products. According to Gartner, our product’s total addressable market is around $80 bn annually, and we see an immense opportunity for growth using our mantra of Simple, Secure and Scalable.

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