Why Magento is better than Other Ecommerce Platforms?

Customers nowadays prefer to shop on E-commerce websites rather than visiting physically. Every business is moving online to have a presence that will attract more customers. If you are new and looking to start your e-commerce business, then this blog is just perfect for you!

Magento 2 Usage Statistics Graph

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Do you know the fact?

As per the above graphical presentation, Magento has to date build 2.5+ million online shops, and rest other e-commerce owns 2.8+ million. This statistical interpretation shows what a big market comes under Magento.


Do you want to develop a website that is extremely user-friendly and boasts stunning features? Do not worry, its time you open your online business with the most reliable and flexible eCommerce platform. Magento is one of the most popular E-commerce solutions present today.

Magento in brief

Magento development is a platform that has requisites which allow merchants to fulfill their needs by customizing their online shops and Magento is at the top because some of the giant companies’ (Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike, Nestle Bulgari, Samsung, Nespresso, Lenovo and many more) E-commerce platform is it. 

There are many reasons why Magento eCommerce development is more preferred as compared to any other e-commerce software. 

  • Firstly, it has some unique features which make it complex at the same time this wide variety allows the client to modify and customize the website however they like. This offers an irreconcilable experience for the clients. 
  • While building an e-commerce site it is essential that you focus on the content, appearance, site architecture, payment options, checkout procedure, etc. such features are offered by Magento with a flexible source of customization. 
  • Here you can do things as per your needs by personalizing your website according to your goods and products. This makes it easier for the website to reach your customers and hence become user-friendly. 
Magento Development

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Why choose Magento?

Magento is an industry leader when it comes to developing your own E-commerce store.

  • Magento marketplace offers a huge variety of themes that can be used as well as thousands of extensions which add to its features. 
  • All of this will help you to increase your online shop’s appearance and functionality that will make it looks more enticing for the target audience. 

Below are some of the reasons why your Magento is better than any other eCommerce platform:

Magento Extension

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1. It is an open-source platform

Magento is an open-source platform that makes it easy for the site owners to reshape the content marketing system. If the user is unhappy with any of its functionality or feature then he/she can suggest their functionality and modify it.  

  • Magento is a dynamic platform that is growing every single day.  
  • There is a Magento development community that adds different functionality by default and other site owners can get to know about them.  
  • Magento even permits you to control things like how you deliver customer experience. 
  • Because of this freedom and flexibility, many people choose Magento over any other platform present today.  

2. Magento Extension Marketplace 

Magento has an extension which makes it bigger known as Magento connect. On this extension, people can download raw extensions and add those to Magento connect manager.

  • This way the user is able to directly install extensions and they save their time and energy is extracting then downloading and then uploading the files by using FTP. 
  • Some extensions here are free whereas some you have to pay for. 
  • This type of service cannot be found anywhere else, no other eCommerce platform will give you this flexibility. 
  • One of the best features of Magento is that it adapts as per the growing changes in the conventional world. 
  • It is developing daily and since it supports expansion, you can manage multiple stores, and also transactions can be done in various countries. 
  • Unlike others, the shop owners on Magento can sell their digital goods along with customized products. 
  • While running an online store, search engines should love what you’re putting out there and hence Magento focuses on SEO and makes sure there are proper content marketing, good keyword research, and everything that involves good engagement on the site.  

These are a few of the unique features which make Magento eCommerce development the best.  

Did you know?

If you compare any other E-commerce platform with Magento then this the most SEO friendly platform!

SEO friendly

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3. Price Flexibility

When it comes to pricing, yes Magento is more of an investment but it is because of the quality it provides. 

  • The hosting options are of the highest grade.
  • The more you invest in the hosting packages the better chances you will see in your stores’ performance.
  • There is a one-month trial pack available which will give you the knowledge about the package features and other pricing options. 


Lastly, Magento is a community of skilled developers, merchants, designers, agencies, and of course your users. It is the community that makes it a platform so transparent and positive that it fuels with energy and improves itself every day. More and more people are choosing Magento daily and it is surely the best eCommerce platform present today.

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