Which Programming Language Will Takeover Tiobe Index in 2023?


C++ vs Python: C++ is now aiming for Python’s first place on the Tiobe index in 2023

C++ vs Python are two different languages that have different features and different behavior. Both these languages have one thing in common i.e., strong support for object-oriented programming. This article features the difference between two world-famous programming languages, C++ and Python, and also we will discuss which programming language will take over Tiobe Index in 2023.

C++ vs Python: Which Programming Language Will Take over Tiobe Index?

First, let us dive into the efficiencies and effectiveness of Python. It is a high-level language and one of the top programming languages that are taught and used by institutes around the world. Developers can build robust applications with the help of Python due to its English-like syntax. There are several quantum professionals without any prior exposure to coding or programming, hence, using Python programming might ease up their doubts and guide them toward executing complex problems quite quickly. The primary characteristic of Python that makes it so desirable among developers and coders is its accessibility. Python is absolutely free to use and anybody can use and download the source code, modify it, and conduct programming and coding capabilities, without any prior training.

C++ on the other hand is a high-level, general-purpose programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 as an extension of the C programming language, or “C with Classes”. The concept of object-oriented programming was first introduced in the C++ language. C++ is also known as an object-oriented programming language. It was designed for system programming and embedded systems, but later on, it was used in developing various applications such as desktop applications, video games, servers such as e-commerce, Web search or SQL servers, and performance-critical applications such as telephone switches. Many of the technologies as libraries in Python have underlying C++ code.

C++ is faster than a python programming language. Python is written in the C programming language, so memory management is very difficult in python. In C++, we can allocate the memory to the variables and can deallocate the memory when the variable is no longer used in the code.

According to the Tiobe programming languages index, C++ has already overtaken Java in popularity and is now aiming for Python as it is in first place on the Tiobe index. Java is currently ranked fourth in the TIOBE index after C++ overtook Java for the first time.

The Tiobe programming language index indicates that Python is in the first position. According to Paul Jansen, CEO of Tiobe Software, a Dutch company that performs software quality testing, this is the first time C++ has surpassed Java in the Tiobe index and it’s the first time since 2001 that Java hasn’t been in the top three.

What is the Tiobe index?

The Netherlands-based TIOBE Software BV, which is based in Eindhoven, devised and maintains the TIOBE programming community index as a metric for programming language popularity. The index is determined by counting how many times the name of the language appears in search engine results. The index includes Wikipedia, YouTube, MSN, Yahoo!, Baidu, Google Blogs, and Google. Once every month, the index is updated. The long-term statistical data is for sale, while the current information is available for free. The index creators claim that it might be helpful while deciding on various strategic options. TIOBE does not offer data on, for example, the popularity of HTML because it concentrates on Turing complete languages.

C++ vs Python: Which one is better to learn?

It ideally depends on the programmer as to what he/she wants to learn. Secondly, it also depends on the current requirements. Suppose you want to learn system programming or any such low-level programming, C++ is your ideal choice.

But if you want some machine learning knowledge and put it to practice, then you should go for Python. Alternatively, if you want to make yourself comfortable in web programming, then you could opt for Ruby or JavaScript or angular JS, etc.

Thus, it depends on your interest and requirements to choose a programming language. Anyways in the programmer’s world, it’s never enough to know a few programming languages. Hence if you can learn both, go ahead.

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