USA Center for Continuing Education

USA Center for Continuing Education offers non-credit educational courses and programs for the community.

They are highlighting two of our most popular career-preparations programs that we offer on campus: The Medical Billing & Coding Program, and the Paralegal Program.

Both programs prepare students for a career in the medical or legal field & both of these career fields have great potential.

The Medical Billing and Coding Program takes about six months to complete; the Paralegal Program can be completed in 1 year, but students have up to 5 years in which to complete that program.

*Students must have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible to enroll. They enroll through the Center and do not have to go through University Admissions.

Also, for those wanting to get active during this new year, the Center offers activity courses such as Ballroom Dancing, Mixed Martial Arts, Shotokan Karate.

Shotokan Karate is a very popular course—and is open to students from 12 years of age up. (Anyone under 17 years old must be accompanied by a parent).

Courses are held in the evening, and accommodate people who work.

Paralegal courses begin as soon as January 16, 2023. If students are interested and want to enroll in the courses that begin in January, I encourage them to call our office at 251-460-7200 or email us at

For information go to and click on the “Career Programs” tab.

Medical Billing and Coding classes begin on campus January 25, 2023. If students would like to get into the January cohort, give us a call or email and I can help navigate them into the January program. Webpage is:

There will be another cohort beginning mid-2023 and students may go ahead and get applications in for that one, as well.

Activity Courses through HKS (Health & Kinesiology) are offered during the day and evenings. Some of these are offered for both credit and noncredit, but students who take these through the Center for Continuing Education will take them through the noncredit track. For information & to enroll, go to and click on “Physical Activity” Tab.

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