Top Coding Languages to Learn to Work in Tech on Wall Street

  • Coding languages are a foundational element of any tech job, but not all are made equal.
  • Python and SQL are among the most popular languages; C++ and Tableau are more specialized.
  • Insider spoke with recruiters, tech execs, and insiders to identify the top eight languages to know.

These are tough times in tech. 

Layoffs have been barrelling through the tech industry this fall, gut punching everyone from tech titans like Meta and Amazon to fintechs like Stripe and Chime. If it wasn’t clear before, the past two years of pandemic-fueled, exuberant growth are in days gone by. 

But skilled technologists or those wanting to make a career switch into tech might still find a home on Wall Street. Major banks like JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, which have had to elbow their way through one of the hottest markets for tech talent, have signaled their desire to continue hiring for tech-related roles

In today’s machine-to-machine world, having some experience with programming languages is a must. Coding languages, like Python and Java, are how humans can communicate with computers by providing a set of instructions for a system to execute.

As it turns out, not all programming languages are made equal and some are more relevant to certain corners of Wall Street than others.

Insider spoke with recruiters, Wall Street tech execs, and industry insiders, and analyzed job postings to get the low down on in-demand skill sets.

Here are the top coding languages to know to land a tech job on Wall Street. 

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