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The success or failure of an eCommerce brand depends on one very important factor- eCommerce web development. After all, it is what builds the foundation of an eCommerce business. An eCommerce website, mobile apps and the entire ecosystem are what influence and attract customers and subsequently result in sales & revenues.

Top ecommerce web development companies for startups

eCommerce web development is what decides whether a brand would become the next Amazon in the making or become doomed like hundreds of failed eCommerce businesses

So how to start a journey towards building the next big thing in eCommerce? How to build an eCommerce website that makes the brand stand apart from the competition? Well, this journey starts with finding a good eCommerce development company for building a high performing, a stable and bug-free eCommerce website that your customers would love to shop from.

But finding an ideal eCommerce web development company amongst the hundreds of IT companies out there isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible either. I went through

the portfolios and client history of 100+ companies to find the top 10 eCommerce development companies that have helped startups step up their eCommerce game.

It took a lot of time and effort, but hopefully, it will be worth it for the sake of those entrepreneurs, CIOs and other business leaders looking for the perfect eCommerce web development partner.

Here are the top 10 eCommerce web development companies across the world that can help startups avoid failures and set the pace to their growth:

1. ValueCoders

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2004

Location: India

“I had an idea of building my eStore and went to ValueCoders. They offered me a flexible onboarding plan and affordable price structure. I finished my project in less than 3 months with quality delivery. It was a good experience working with them”

  • Review by Founding Partner, Risklogic

ValueCoders is an offshore IT Outsourcing company with 14+ years of experience in the web development industry. Among all companies I’ve gone through, I put ValueCoders at the top for its successful projects with startups, especially for its eCommerce web development clients across multiple countries. 

ValueCoders has a lot of things in its favor- it’s located in India, one of the fastest, largest growing hub for IT Professionals. Since its located in India, there is an added advantage with ease of communication as English is the second official language of the sub-continent. Moreover, the cheaper rates for eCommerce web development far outmatch the rates offered by eCommerce development companies located in other countries.

Supported platforms for eCommerce web development: Magento, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, Shopify, NopCommerce.

2. Ziggle Tech

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2015

Location: USA

“Ziggle Tech adjusts their style and approach to their client’s needs. They are always trying to improve, which has been one of the biggest contributors to our successful, ongoing relationship. Our partnership is constantly evolving”

  • Review by CEO, Conscious Group

Ziggle is a New York-based eCommerce web development company which also specializes in helping eCommerce businesses re-platform their website and other services. Re-platforming as a service is highly beneficial for startups looking to upgrade their plans, capacity or shift to an entirely new platform altogether. 

Ziggle-tech primarily caters to mid-level and certain small level enterprises to meet their eCommerce needs and set their pace towards growth at a higher level. The company works on its projects based on a 7-step process, which involves discussion, storyboarding, prototyping, sprints, and finally, a feedback and acceptance cycle which runs until the project is completed and ready to be deployed.

The main reason why Ziggle Tech earned the 2nd place was because of its excellent client retention efforts and the partnerships they forge with them.

Supported platforms for eCommerce web development: WooCommerce, Shopify/Shopify+, Spree Commerce, AWS.

3. Brainvire

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2000

Location: USA

“It’s a pleasurable experience working with Brainvire Infotech Inc. I’ve worked with other developers, and I certainly think they’re a cut above the others. The quality of work has been excellent. I’ve been doing this for six years, and they’ve been my favorite to work with.”

  • Review by Founder, SurpriseWOW

Brainwire is mainly an IT consultancy firm which also provides eCommerce web development services to startups and mid-level enterprises. The company is currently exploring new opportunities in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI and more.

In a span of 18+ years, brainwire has pioneered in providing end-to-end solutions for problems concerning various industries including advertising, healthcare, education, finance, non-profit and more.

The company’s 600+ workforce has completed over 1500 projects to date. Brainwire follows Agile development methodologies with strict QA protocols which ensure that the client’s website is free of bugs and any type of errors. This focus on maintaining a consistent quality level is what earns them the 3rd place.

Supported platforms for eCommerce development: eCommerce SEO services, Magento eCommerce

4. Planet Web Solution

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2004

Location: India

“They’re extremely hardworking and dedicated to their work. They don’t lose patience with high expectations and do their absolute best to deliver the results you want to see.”

  • Review by CEO of a Software Company

Planet Web Solution is a multi-service eCommerce web development company with 14+ years of experience in the Industry. The company has consistently ranked at the top 15 positions for Clutch’s Global top eCommerce developers since January 2017. Besides, it has 9/9/10 TrustScore given by, which is enough to stake its claim at the fourth position on the list.

The only reason why I couldn’t rank Planet Web solution any higher was because of some issues faces by its clients in QA, which as I observed was mentioned on multiple reviews. But hey, this is just simple nitpicking and doesn’t undermine Planet Web Solution’s potential in any way.

Besides eCommerce web development, the company is also well-known for its web and mobile app development services which have earned rave reviews from its past clients.

Supported platforms for eCommerce development: Custom eCommerce, Magento eCommerce development

5. Mangosoft

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2016

Location: USA

“MANGOSOFT asked questions to show their interest in successful results, ensuring that they understood both our business and system. The team took a results-oriented approach, being efficient and patient. We have an enormous piece of mind to know that everything was being delivered with the highest quality.”

  • Review by Co-founder of a product review platform

Mangosoft is a software development company providing eCommerce web development services based in Los Angeles, USA. The company delivers B2B solutions focused extensively on design and providing the ultimate user experience. 

Mangosoft has been working with small and medium businesses ever since its founding day to help them prepare a launchpad for online growth and subsequent revenue generation. The company is a recognized partner to global firms such as Electronic Arta (EA), EBRD and TouchPress among others.

Supported platforms for eCommerce web development: Custom eCommerce development, Magento eCommerce

6. Curotec

 eCommerce web designing, eCommerce web developers, eCommerce web d

Established: 2010

Location: USA

“Curotec is easy to communicate with, and they offer helpful insights on complex topics. Beyond being good problem solvers, the team is knowledgeable, offers fair pricing, and surpasses the competition.”

  • Review by CEO, McCabe Group

Curotec is a web & mobile app development company that provides sophisticated IT software solutions for enterprises across the globe. The company offers its eCommerce web development services to all types of businesses, from SMB to funded startups and fortune 500 companies. 

Curotec implements four core values into every project that it undertakes, these values are those of knowing the “why” of the project, using data to shed light into existing and hidden problems, working in collaborative environments to bring the best out of everyone and finally, building solutions of the highest quality and longevity.

Supported platforms for eCommerce web development: Custom eCommerce development, Magento eCommerce

7. Web4You

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2005

Location: Canada

“Their turnaround times were impressive. They quickly resolved issues and delivered enhancements. Within weeks of initiating the project, Web4You delivered a prototype and a system for us to begin testing. Their expertise enabled them to offer suggestions that ultimately made the design more efficient.”

  • Review by Rocco Zito, Director of Distribution services, The Travel Corporation

Web4You provides eCommerce web development services based on three core principles of Simplicity, Personalization (tailored solutions) and Affordability. These three values define everything Web4You is all about. Simplicity in their context implies that they let their clients express their business in their own ways. It’s literally “simple” in the sense that there isn’t a game of suggesting or consulting a client about what’s the best. They simply expect you to know what you want and they’ll deliver it accordingly.

And that’s where the personalization aspect comes in. Their eCommerce web development services are tailored to the point that a client has complete control over every activity in the project. The most relevant principle of all is their attempts to keep prices affordable to the client.

Supported platforms for eCommerce development: Custom eCommerce solutions, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify

8. Rave Digital

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2007

Location: USA

“They care. If we have a need, they take care of that need. They’re not just there to collect money from us like a lot of other development companies. When they say they’re going to do something, they do it. Other developers I’ve worked with in the past haven’t lived up to those standards. I ultimately think they’re very good at what they do, and they follow through.”

  • Senior Marketing Manager, Nutri-health supplements

Rave Infotech is a full end-to-end digital services agency providing eCommerce web development services. The company believes that quality work is a result of skilled professionals with wisdom working on executing creative ideas. With this philosophy, Rave digital has timely delivered its projects with the highest degree of accountability for over 10 years now.

Their quality-driven development approach helps them deliver B2C and B2B project successfully to their clients, which primarily include SMBs. Rave infotech’s core focus areas are eCommerce web development, CMS development, CRM development, Mobile app development, and Internet marketing.

Supported platforms for eCommerce web development: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, ZenCart, BigCommerce

9. Evince Development

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2012

Location: India

“Their responsiveness is impressive. They’re primarily in India but they always made themselves available when we needed them. They worked on our timing, which we were grateful for. They provided honest feedback and brought their expertise to the project. They made valuable suggestions we might not have thought of.”

  • Co-founder, eCommerce website

Evince Development is an integrated IT consulting and full-stack development agency with over 6 years of industry presence. The company works on its four pillars of Adherence, Decisive demeanor, Integrity, and Strategical approach. 

Evince is an expert eCommerce web development company providing its services to all types of businesses- from startups to large-scale enterprises. Till date, Evince has delivered over 800 projects to 160+ clients across 18+ countries with a 97% project success ratio.

Supported platforms for eCommerce web development: Magento eCommerce, Zen Cart, OpenCart, OsCommerce, BigCommerce, NopCommerce, Joomla eCommerce, Yahoo Store development, eBay store development

10. Magneto solutions

Top eCommerce web design/ development companies for Startups and SMES

Established: 2009

Location: USA

“They are an incredibly good value for money, and there is no compromise on quality despite the lower cost. It is very rare that a company can deliver both high quality and reasonable pricing together.”

  • Mark Garrett, CEO, CatManDoes

Magneto solutions is an IT outsourcing firm delivering mobile app development, consulting services and eCommerce web development services to 20+ countries across the globe. The company works on its own set of guidelines which are all about helping build an emotional connection between customers and businesses, doing intelligent work that produces desired business results and maintaining an open form of communication.

Magneto solutions have completed over 1800+ projects for over 650 customers across 20+ countries in a span of 9 years in the industry. 

Supported platforms for eCommerce web development: custom eCommerce development, Shopify, Magento eCommerce.

This completes the list of the top eCommerce web development companies that are best suited for startups. The companies selected here were chosen out of the 100+ companies I’ve researched on, and I also evaluated some companies I’ve worked with before. These 10 companies are your best bet if you’re looking to negate failure and seek to build the best eCommerce website for your target customers to shop from.


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