Top 10 Companies Hiring C and C++ Developers in 2023

Companies Hiring C and C++ Developers

Both C and C++ have previously ranked among the fastest-growing programming languages in the world. However, in this ultra-modern fast-paced world, companies and aspiring technologists are focusing more on the growing importance of new programming languages like Python, Java, Go, or Kotlin, however, the functions of old programming languages like C and C++ remain unhinged. Both C and C++ are used in several programs that still have processing performance bottlenecks, and those issues are not going away anytime soon, as experts have recently predicted. Nevertheless, the tech community is under the impression that there is a dramatic reduction in the number of companies hiring C and C++ developers. The simplicity of these programming languages is still considered an easy gateway for many in the programming world; besides, its easy implementation makes it the perfect choice for beginners entering the tech domain. In this article, we have listed the names of some of the top companies hiring C and C++ developers in 2023 and will continue to do so in the years to come.



The BOSCH group is a leading global supplier of technology and services that uses C and C++ for various purposes. The company employs C and C++ software engineers for developing various BOSCH products, becoming a part of the international development teams in Bosch, and collaborating with multiple locations and domain teams. The developers will be responsible for requirement designs, implementation, testing, and delivery.



Capgemini is a top-tier IT company that thoroughly uses C and C++ programming languages. The candidates applying for a job in this company should have a comprehensive overview knowledge of both kinds of programming language, old and new. They should also have an extensive experience in Linux and embedded systems domains, with a good understanding of operating system concepts, data structures, and software development lifecycle.



Even though Amazon is massively laying off employees right now, there have been reports that the company will be hiring soon in the development and programming domain. The company offers the AWS SDK for C++ to provide a modern interface for coders and developers. The platform is performant and fully functioning with low and high-level SDKs and it also minimizes dependencies.



Microsoft is actually one of the largest tech companies hiring C and C++ developers. Most of the Microsoft Azure services are accessible via REST API and use C++ Rest SDK built for cloud-based client-server communication in native code. Its modern async C++ API design makes it easy for C++ developers to connect and interact with Azure services. Hence, it is quite evident that the company will continue to hire C and C++ developers in the months to come. 



C and C++ developers in Accenture have to work with international customers and implement the best technology practices for modern and advanced ECU for automotive systems. The company is working together with industry and automotive companies across the world to expand its portfolio and enhance its presence in the automotive industry.



IBM deploys C and C++ in its compiler family. IBM C and C++ compilers offer advanced compiler and optimization technologies that are built on a common code base for easier porting of applications between platforms. They comply with the latest C and C++ international standards and industry specifications.



Currently, Rust is one of the top programming languages that Meta uses extensively. However, the company deploys C and C++ for enhanced business logic and relatively stateless applications. Besides, the company also employs Python developers to support its data science and ML applications. 



For Adobe, C++ powers its various imaging systems and codecs for performance-critical components server-side, and then Web Assembly powers one of its browser’s experiences. Adobe extensively uses C++ and most mobile and desktop products are written in the programming language, hence, the company will continue to hire more C and C++ developers in 2023.



Reportedly, C++ is a big part of the implementation of MacOSX and iOS. Besides, the company uses Objective-C which is based on the C programming language. And being a part of the C family, the language has full compatibility with C and C++ libraries.



The Mozilla code uses a subset of C++. The developers applying for a job in this company should have a deep understanding of object-oriented programming and prior experience in working with C and C++, as these are the main programming languages used in the project.

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