Tom Stoltman Is Programming to Deadlift 505 Kilograms (1,113.3 Pounds) in 2024

The two-time reigning World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Tom Stoltman went on a hiatus from strongman competition towards the end of 2022. While he did not compete at the 2022 Shaw Classic due to travel issues or the 2022 Rogue Strongman Invitational to give himself additional recovery time from a tough season, he has still been training in the gym.

On Dec. 4, 2022, Stoltman took to his Instagram page to share the early stages of his programming for an eventual all-time deadlift world record attempt. He’s dubbed it the “Road to 505” series, meaning the 505-kilogram (1,1113.3-pound) pull he intends to attempt to eclipse the current heaviest deadlift ever pulled of 501 kilograms (1,104.5 pounds). That lift was scored by 2018 WSM champion Hafthor Björnsson on May 2, 2020, on an episode of the World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) “Feats of Strength” series.

Check out Stoltman’s deadlift training in the video below. His first goal is to build up to a beltless 300-kilogram (661.4-pound) deadlift set for reps.

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After a quick warm-up, Stoltman stayed the course with his typical progressive overload training. Once he felt ready to load the barbell heavy, he opened with five sets of 250-kilogram (551.2-pound) deadlift triples while wearing lifting straps. His brothers, Harry and Luke, worked in while Tom recovered between sets.

Stoltman wheezed heavily after his sets as he battled a cold, though it did not deter his workload. His first set of 250 kilograms without a lifting belt was a breeze, though the second was more effortful. He performed all five triples at the same weight for 15 beltless reps — a total workout load of 3,750 kilograms (8,267.3 pounds).

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Tom Stoltman’s goal is to set the new all-time deadlift world record in 2024, though he did not specify at which event. Aside from Björnsson’s lift, the previous all-time deadlift world record of 500 kilograms (1,102.3 pounds), lifted by 2017 WSM Eddie Hall, was performed at the 2016 World Deadlift Championships (WDC).

Several other strongmen have gotten close to joining Hall and Björnsson in the 500-kilogram deadlift club. Ivan Makarov has successfully locked out 490 kilograms (1,080.3 pounds), and Peiman Maheripourehir has scored 492 kilograms (1,084.7 pounds). We’ll see if Stoltman’s 2023 season includes a third consecutive WSM title and a significantly improved deadlift.

Featured image: @tomstoltmanofficial on Instagram

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