Tokyo-based startup showcases coding-free Geographic Information System (GIS) platform

LAS VEGAS (Dec. 2022) – At CES® Unveiled (Jan. 3), CES 2023 (Jan. 5-8) and Showstoppers (Jan. 5), Tokyo-based startup Eukarya will showcase Re: Earth,” a no-code (coding-free) Geographic Information System (GIS) platform that enables people to easily create and publish 3D maps with layered information on a web browser. It requires no software downloading, and all the tools for overlaying and manipulating information relevant to specific map locations – a task that often requires separate desktop software to accomplish – are also readily accessible online in the form of plug-ins. As an open-source platform, “Re: Earth” also allows engineers to develop their own service products with it.

“GIS maps are a powerful tool of education that can foster understanding and generate new knowledge about the impact of global warming, history and other subject matters by bringing together various, seemingly unrelated information specific to a location in a visual format,” said Kenya Tamura. “We developed ‘Re: Earth’ to make this valuable tool accessible to all, including people who don’t have programming skills. By making it easier to publish GIS maps, we can promote public discourse about social issues to find better solutions together. We are excited to showcase this innovative platform at CES 2023.”


·      Web-based: “Re: Earth” is a comprehensive GIS map creation/publishing platform accessible online. Whereas conventional GIS platforms require multiple software downloads – and going back and forth between them to layer information — “Re: Earth” enables users to do it all on a web browser.

·       No-code: “Re: Earth” provides one-click plug-ins for expanding the functions and features of GIS maps, making it easier for users to customize their maps to their needs.

·       Open source: “Re: Earth” is an open-source platform, enabling engineers to use it free of cost to design the service products that they want. The “Re: Earth” developers’ community also enables members to use each other’s creations.

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