TIOBE Calculates C++, C, and Python Rose the Most in Popularity in 2022

“The Tiobe index gauges language popularity using a formula that assesses searches on programming languages in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and other search engines,” writes InfoWorld. And they add that this year the “vaunted” C++ programming language was the index’s biggest gainer in 2022.

TIOBE’s announcement includes their calculation that C++ rose 4.62% in popularity in 2022:

Runners up are C (+3.82%) and Python (+2.78%). Interestingly, C++ surpassed Java to become the number 3 of the TIOBE index in November 2022. The reason for C++’s popularity is its excellent performance while being a high level object-oriented language. Because of this, it is possible to develop fast and vast software systems (over millions of lines of code) in C++ without necessarily ending up in a maintenance nightmare.
So which programming languages are most popular now? For what it’s worth, here’s TIOBE’s latest ranking:

– Python
– C
– C++
– Java
– C#
– Visual Basic
– JavaScript
– Assembly Language

InfoWorld adds that “Helping C++ popularity was the publication of new language standards with interesting features, such as C++ 11 and C++ 20.”

More from TIOBE:

What else happened in 2022? Performance seemed to be important. C++ competitor Rust entered the top 20 again (being at position #26 one year ago), but this time it seems to be for real. Lua, which is known for its easy interfacing with C, jumped from position #30 to #24. F# is another language that made an interesting move: from position #74 to position #33 in one years’ time. Promising languages such as Kotlin (from #29 to #25), Julia (from #28 to #29) and Dart (from #37 to #38) still have a long way to go before they reach the top 20. Let’s see what happens in 2023.

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