The Inspiring Journey of ESEO Solutions: How Two Brothers from Ambala Reach the High-Rise Edifices of the UAE

The combined efforts of Deepak & Sumit Nagpal made the story of ESEO SOLUTIONS possible back in 2011 in Ambala Cantt, Haryana. The known irregularities of the digital marketing world along with ardent necessity of maintaining their position in these SEO companies made the CEO, Deepak Nagpal, realise that the ongoing journey was challenging and he needed to start somewhere. After contemplating and analysing all the factors, he was determined to start his own digital company, entirely dedicated to value clients and businesses with content-based SEO services. This was the motivation for him behind becoming his boss.

The constant support and cooperation from his family and brother Sumit made the CEO’s long journey bearable and kept him motivated throughout. With a team of merely four people, ESEO managed to serve its first customer in 2011. By the end of 2013, ESEO had grown to a 10-person team and had grabbed more than 55 projects.

In 2015, the CEO relocated the company to Gurugram, Haryana, keeping into consideration that the majority of clients were from the Delhi-NCR region. This was quite troublesome for the CEO in maintaining efficient and smooth communication with the clients. Although the decision was based on their gut instinct, it turned out to be a rather blessing that changed the future of the company. With about 350+ projects managed by a team of 50+ members in 2016, ESEO has consistently outperformed itself in both the domestic and international world of digital marketing ever since.

ESEO has become the buzz among modern companies in a very short period by adopting the new methods of operation that helps small businesses develop & build a strong online presence with cost-effective digital marketing solutions. Our greatest contribution has been in changing the way conventional SEO strategies and approaches work, which are unproductive, unethical, and still in use. We have made our contribution to this digital marketing industry by projecting our content-based approach that has enhanced the inherent worth of internet marketing and added innovation, authenticity, quality, and service.

The company has created a large pool of satisfied customers in the local and global market based on its unique and customised service portfolio. The consistency of the digital marketing strategies’ outcomes has allowed ESEO Solutions to become one of the most favoured digital marketing companies in the country. It also allowed the company to establish a niche for itself in the minds of entrepreneurs and enterprises.

All of our premier services are ROI-driven, which helps brands significantly expand their reach and revenues. Transparent reporting with clients regularly solidifies the connection we share and guarantees long-term commitment.

Quality content is the inherent feature of all services that the company provides. We create high-quality SEO-based content that quickly connects and engages clients and customers. The company’s dominant position in the worldwide digital marketing market is built on strict adherence to realistic ranking timeframes and accuracy in traffic estimates as per the industry standards.

We do not compromise when the values of the company are concerned. These values are responsible for the customers’ trust that they put in our brand. The principal equity of ESEO is the trust it commands. Care and commitment are visible in every project we handle, owing to the founders’ continuous involvement. Our experienced digital marketing experts go as far as to ensure each project that we work on exceeds the client’s expectations.

We do not engage in mass marketing, unlike most digital marketing firms. Each project or client is given the appropriate attention it deserves to produce the best potential results. The year 2021 will be recalled for its achievements and milestones, as we secured important global clients, such as MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Mettl, and many more. In addition, we expanded and registered as a reputable digital marketing agency in the UAE. With a team of 75+ digital marketing experts, we are thriving both in India and the UAE. The firm is hopeful that the year 2022 would bring more skies to capture along with a variety of prospects. It is all prepared to enter the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and several other countries.

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