The Best Esports Teams to Watch Out for in 2023

With so much behind-the-scenes drama and constant changes to team rosters, it’s hard to predict who’ll be coming out on top during the 2023 playing season. However, some esports line-ups look braced for better outcomes than others. Below, we spotlight which esports teams look set for glory in 2023.

League of Legends

Rogue has had a great 2022 so far. In 2023, this German team looks set to continue its winning streak. Why? Unlike many other LoL teams, Rogue is keeping its roster primarily in place from this year. Although Rogue failed to penetrate the top three during Worlds 2022, the line-up still performed well.

Other teams like Fnatic also look set to succeed next year. The current Fnatic roster isn’t anything to write home about, but some recent reshuffling suggests that Fnatic could defy expectations next year. Previous player Rekkles is returning to the fold, while new additions, including Rhuckz, are entering the fray. The combination of returning professionals and brand-new talent puts Fnatic in an excellent place for the 2023 season.


Wondering which Valorant teams will win out in 2023? Let’s take a look at what the statistics say. Singapore-based team Paper Rex is the clear favorite going into 2023. With a win rate of more than 78%, it’s not hard to see why this line-up commands so much respect. They’re undoubtedly the biggest hitters from the Asian Pacific region. This corner of the globe hasn’t set the world of pro-level competition alight for years. Paper Rex looks set to change all that. Don’t be too surprised to see them making it to the final stages of many Valorant competitions next year and beyond.

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LOUD are also the ones to watch going into 2023. This Brazilian had long enjoyed a rivalry with OpTiC Gaming, which came to a head at VALORANT Champions 2022 when LOUD walked away victorious.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In 2023, expect S-Tier CS: GO to be dominated by the usual suspects. European favorites like FaZe Clan have been cleaning up for several years. There have not been many changes behind the scenes, with a steady roster making FaZe a good shout for tournament wins next year.

Natus Vincere hasn’t been without drama in recent years. The team roster has undergone numerous changes in 2022, but this hasn’t put a dent in their tournament performance. Standout players like Perfecto and s1mple remain firm fixtures, which puts the NAVI line-up in good stead for 2023.

North American team Team Liquid is also a safe bet for tournament success in 2023. Although they’ve failed to walk away with significant wins in recent years, they’re not strangers to grand finals. The current team line-up is pretty robust, with top-tier talent like nitr0 and EliGE among some of the most vital professionals currently competing in pro-level tournaments.

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