The 10 Dying Programming Languages 2023

10 programming languages that will be outdated in 2023

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This article is based on the Top 10 dying programming languages in 2023, which will inform you about the top 10 programming languages that will be outdated in 2023. If you are planning to upskill yourself and improve your programming skills, then this story will help you understand the programming languages to avoid in 2023.

10. CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is one of the lightest languages ever designed. CoffeeScript was adopted by major companies like dropbox, GitHub, etc to develop their browser-side code. JavaScript is a better alternative; in past years CoffeeScript was declared obsolete.

9. Ruby

Ruby is extensively used in building web applications, data processing, automation, and many more. Python being a strong competitor in terms of readability and code security than Ruby, Ruby slowly became obsolete and is on the list of dying programming languages.

8. VBA

VBA was one of the most extensively used programming languages. Despite being based on .NET, it is no longer updated by Microsoft, indicating its obsolescence.

7. Scala

Scala performance was not the issue however, most developers were unaware of the features of Scala. Thereby, adding it in the list of dying programming languages

6. Objective C

The verbose nature, complex syntax, and outdated libraries of *Objective C*, made developers switch to swift for the ease of code readability and application development, thus adding it to the list of dying programming languages.

5. Perl

Perl It is one of the most efficient open-source languages for text manipulation. Despite its simplicity and efficiency, Perl comes with a major drawback. Perl fails to support portability because of CPAN modules. Programs run slowly and must be interpreted each time any changes are made.

4. Haskell

Haskell has faced issues like no proper IDE support, complex syntax, and a steep learning curve. This forced developers to migrate to better alternatives, thereby adding it to the list of dying programming languages.

3. Fortran

Fortran is in the list of dying programming languages because developers soon had to migrate to other languages due to a lack of dynamic memory, reliability, and unsafe code prone to cyber threats.

2. Erlang

Erlang supported banking, e-commerce, computer systems development, and instant messaging services. Due to its complex debugging procedures and critical deployment issues, it is not in use in recent days.

1. Cobol

The early main frame programming for business transactions, banking, and many more were handled by *COBOL*. It had a tougher verbose syntax with slow compilation and deployment.

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