Tellusim 3D Engine Adds Comprehensive Rust Bindings


The Tellusim Engine that is focused on professional simulations, visualizations, urban planning, VR/AR, and other 3D tasks has added a comprehensive set of Rust programming language bindings.

Tellusim Technologies is the company that was started by former Unigine engine CTO and co-founder Alexander Zapryagaev. Most Phoronix readers know of Tellusim not necessarily by name but via “GravityMark” for their demanding cross-API, cross-OS graphics benchmark.

The Tellusim Engine continues offering first-rate Linux support, natively supporting Vulkan along with various other graphics and compute APIs, native CAD integration, and other advanced features. I continue to be fond of Tellusim for its great Linux support and backing visually-stunning creations.

Alexander Zapryagaev announced that the Rust language bindings are now in great shape for their SDK/engine:

#Rust language is ready in #Tellusim engine. And now it’s possible to create any cross-platform/multi-GPU applications for D3D, VK, MTL, GL, CUDA, HIP; using USD, GLTF, DAE, FBX, STEP, …; resources completely in #Rust programming language.

The Tellusim Rust bindings can be found via GitHub. Those wanting to learn more about this professional 3D engine can do so via

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