Tanzania: 2,400 Students to Get Digital Literacy Skills

OVER 2,400 students in Dar es Salaam Region will be equipped with digital literacy and coding skills to enable them to come up with workable technological solutions for the various society problems.

Coordinated by the Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi), which is under the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), the programme has trained about 80 teachers in various schools in all Districts of Dar es Salaam, who will impart the knowledge to their students.

DTBi Fursa Lab Project Manager, Eng Michael Thomas disclosed that during the teacher’s workshop in Dar es Salaam, recently, indicating that the 80 teachers will return to their schools and share the knowledge amongst the students.

“The programme provides the great chance for the students to change the world with their knowledge on coding skills (Scratch programming) and to understand computers at an early stage and have a logical approach to learning and problem solving.

“This will not only affect their thinking, but also in future they will become experts in the various fields,” said Eng Thomas.

According to him, coding has been able to bring a major technological revolution in the society, adding: “That is why they have decided to impart the skills to teachers who will in turn teach their students.”

Elaborating, he noted that in the course of the progamme next year, students who have acquired the crucial skills will get a chance to take part in a competition dubbed African Code Challenge.

Adding: “The focus has been in Dar es Salaam and the goal is to extend the programme across the country in the coming year so that more students participate in the challenge of developing technological solutions.”