Rust Programming Language To Land in Linux Kernel 6.1

In a recent post on the Linux Kernel Mailing List, Linus Torvalds promised “a number of fairly core new things” in Linux kernel (opens in new tab) 6.1, and the first one seems to have appeared: as reported by The Register (opens in new tab), the Rust programming language will be directly supported in the OS.

The Rust logo

(Image credit: Rust Foundation)

The news isn’t exactly unexpected as patches to add Rust to Linux go back for some time, with version 9 appearing in August 2022. At the recent Open Source Summit Torvalds’ keynote indicated that we should expect Rust to appear in 6.1. Right now, Rust has a group of developers working on support for the Linux Kernel and in a pull request made by Kees Cook on October 1, accepted by Torvalds, we see the first steps towards its inevitable arrival in 6.1.

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