RPG Maker Unite Details Addons and User Modifications

Gotcha Gotcha Games revealed new details about RPG Maker Unite and the game’s support for user modifications and user-created addons.

In the past, RPG Maker creators could develop and toggle plugins to expand the game engine’s functionality. Players and game developers may use addons in RPG Maker Unite, serving the same function as plugins in previous titles. Some programming knowledge is necessary to develop Addons, but players may easily use these creations by flipping a switch in the Addon Manager UI.

If desired, users may take advantage of the Unity Editor to modify most of RPG Maker Unite’s source code directly. Users may call out or switch completely to the Unity Editor at any time. However, users must adhere to the EULA since RPG Maker Unite is not open-source. Overall, user modifications and addons in RPG Maker Unite require intensive programming knowledge, but the freedom allowed in the game engine is on a level not seen in prior titles.

More details are available below via Gotcha Gotcha Games:

Two Ways to Modify and Expand RPG Maker Unite’s Functionality!

Method 1.Using “Addons”

In RPG Maker series, users have always been able to develop and use scripts known in the community as “plugins” to expand engine functionalities not available by default. Due to this, many users volunteer to develop and generously share plugins with the community, which is how the RPG Maker series gave birth to so many marvelous titles, even as of now!

Similarly, in RPG Maker Unite, users can use “Addons” to enhance and expand the engine. We changed the name due to how the internal processing works differently from past RPG Makers, but the concept and usage is identical. However, please do note that like always, we cannot provide official support on the development or usage of Addons. Up to this part we briefly touched on our announcement on September 2nd, 2022.

RPG Maker Unite’s Addon Manager UI. This feature allows users to turn ON or OFF on the Addons installed into the game at will.)

Method 2.Rewriting the Source Code Through Unity Editor

The second option – which we cannot provide official support either – is to edit RPG Maker Unite’s source code directly using Unity Editor. In

RPG Maker Unite, users can call out the Unity Editor UI any time as needed. Through this, users can confirm and rewrite a part of the source code however they see fit (Note: with the exception of some DLL files). This is especially useful for large-scale modification!

Although the source code is open for viewing in Unity Editor, please do adhere to the EULAs that we will publish later on!

Users can open Unity Editor from the RPG Maker Unite UI anytime they need it.
It is possible to have both editors side by side, making modifications while confirming each other simultaneously.
Which Method to Choose?

Both Addons and direct editing through Unity uses C# programming language. However, depending on the user’s knowledge level or objectives, there are clear reasons to prefer one over the other.

The biggest difference is whether users wish to modify RPG Maker Unite’s source code directly or not.

Addons by nature do not modify RPG Maker Unite’s source code, and thus would not cause conflicts induced by Source Code changes. This is great for developing multiple Addons simultaneously, independently. Merely using other’s Addons is still as easy as always and would not require any programming nor Unity Editor knowledge either. Also, due to not tinkering with the source code, whenever there is an official update to RPG Maker Unite, users can apply it safely too (Note: Some Addons may need some updates to be compatible with latest updates)

On the other hand, modification of the source code directly through the Unity Editor would give users unprecedented amounts of freedom. Naturally, this would require a fairly advanced level of programming skills and deep knowledge towards how the Unity Editor and RPG Maker Unite works.

Dev Log #10 now available on Steam!


The Dev Log #10 this time takes a deeper dive into Addon development! Next month we plan to continue on it with more elaborate examples. If you are a RPG Maker plugin developer, you would be interested in reading this!

Lastly, RPG Maker Unite releases in spring 2023 for PC via Steam.

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