Putting Students First: Vedantu is Redefining Online Learning by Guaranteeing Academic Progress

In March 2020, India came to a halt because of the raging pandemic and life as we knew it changed. Among those who had to adapt to the “new normal” were students, as schools, colleges, and universities went on a break that continued to be prolonged with the spread of the virus becoming impossible to contain. Online learning became inevitable and all that added time indoors only provided a boost to the EdTech sector.

In absence of in-person classes, more and more students turned to online tutoring. Yet there was fear, especially among parents, that their child’s learning and development would take a hit. Here’s where Vendantu stepped in and revolutionised e-education by assuming responsibility for every child it takes in its wing. “As a student-obsessed brand, Vedantu is taking all measures to guarantee complete ownership and accountability for every learner’s success. With student focus at our core, we want to ensure that no child is left behind with unrealised potential,” says Vendantu’s co-founder and head of academics, Anand Prakash.


The online learning platform, which caters to at least 1,50,000 students monthly, not only provides lessons in real-time but it also promises a marked improvement in their learning curve. It has kickstarted a new initiative — Vedantu Improvement Promise (
VIP ) — that ensures that each student makes progress in his/her academic performance within one year. This ties up with Vedantu’s core belief that academic progress is a collective responsibility of students and teachers. What’s novel about this first-of-its-kind study model in the country, is that it uses scientific measurement metrics to predict the improvement in students. By zeroing in on where pupils falter, 
VIP  sets targets and makes sure they are achieved. The metrics are applied to all those who enrol for the platform’s long-term courses and students from Class 6 onward to those attempting JEE-Main or NEET can avail of it. Vendantu has immense faith in the success of VIP, so much so that it has committed to refunding fees if the promised progress in academic performance is not achieved. You can 
register for this programme  right here or download the app on your mobile phones.

In VIP, we trust

But how exactly does VIP work?

At the beginning of every academic year, Vedantu holds a globally accredited rank predictor exam to assess all its students across six levels of proficiency. The first test, conducted within a month of enrolment, evaluates the student’s initial performance and the last one, held at the end of the academic year, grades his overall progress. The 
VIP  initiative, through the benchmark test, makes sure that there is a marked improvement from the exam results or the JEE-Main/NEET-UG rank of the previous year. That’s not all. It also guarantees that with every level, the student makes progress and by the time the final exams arrive, he/she has come a long way since the initial benchmark evaluation.


One of the minds behind this rather unique method of learning and growth is Anand Prakash. He believes that progress in academics is as much the responsibility of educators as it is of parents and students. “At innumerable parent-teachers’ meetings, parents have been told that their child ‘can do better’. This puts the pressure of performance directly on students and their parents. It got us thinking about how we at Vedantu can guarantee that a child “will do better” and we created the VIP initiative. It is us taking an equal part in assuring academic improvement in a child’s performance,” he explains.

Every child matters

However, not every student is the same and hence their progress also varies. Vendantu understands that. Here’s when Wave, its patented Artificial Intelligence-enabled technology, plays a part. It uses machine learning to analyse each student’s learning patterns based on how they engage in class and the outcomes of their quizzes and tests. These insights further help teachers and designers to create personalised plans for each child. Often, Vendantu creates groups of like-minded students and keeps them engaged through sessions that are educational yet fun.

Teachers make all the difference

Let’s not forget that the success of this initiative is impossible without quality educators. Students who have opted for VIP classes have unlimited access to Vendantu’s “live” classes conducted by master teachers, who are not only subject-matter experts but also passionate about upskilling their students.

The real-time classes provide students the opportunity to converse and engage with their tutors. The platform has also enabled the creation of a healthy peer-learning environment with immersive 3D content and “live” quizzes. Post the learning sessions, students have access to teachers’ notes, study and practice material which can be downloaded, and doubt-solving apps. With all the flexibility provided by Vedantu, students gain the confidence to define their own learning goals and build a schedule that best works for them.

VIP teachers are constantly guiding students and providing them with detailed performance analysis spelling out their strengths and weaknesses. This gives children a clear understanding of the next steps they need to take to meet their targets.

Teachers too are held accountable. In fact, Wave measures the effectiveness of the study material and teaching methods and thus everyone is a stakeholder when it comes to boosting the performance of students.

Getting parents involved

Parents are a key part of the VIP study model. They receive performance analyses of their child along with regular updates on his/her learning patterns and progress. They are always in the know of how far their child has come and the involvement of Vendantu in this all-important journey.

Bridging the digital divide

The EdTech boom is happening right now and Vendantu just doesn’t want to just jump on the bandwagon; it wants to be a game-changer. With its VIP initiative, it’s definitely leading from the front. At the same time, it’s well-aware of the digital divide plaguing the country. Lack of access to the internet means that there are many bright minds out there who unfortunately can’t keep up.

So, Vedantu is trying to level the playing field with innovations that can provide students even in the remotest corners of the country access to quality audio-visual content. Vendantu’s “live” classes and other study material are designed in a way that even those with poor internet connectivity can access it.

All that innovation India is making in e-learning will only matter the most when education is available to all. And Vendantu is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that as they move forward, they take every student ahead. For that, it gets an A+.

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