On the spot: Why coding isn’t rocket science

By Gurbaksh Singh, chief innovation officer, Dentsu Creative India

Why the campaign rocks:

Being a tech enthusiast at heart, DojaCode is one of my favourite campaigns because it challenges the stereotype about the gender of coders. The names of programming languages like CSS, Javascript and Python may sound like terrifying monsters, but this campaign demonstrates that learning to code isn’t rocket science. It illustrates how coding can be entertaining while also producing amazing outcomes.

Nothing can be done better to capture the attention of Gen Z girls than to provide an immersive experience like ‘the world’s first-ever codeable music video’. The cleverness of the concept is that it takes advantage of female watching preferences to encourage and prepare forthcoming coders. It made Gen Z girls fall in love with code.

During the 1960s, women computed the difficult astronomical calculations that enabled NASA to launch its first space missions. Now in the modern era, this campaign aids in altering perceptions and closing the gender gap in the field of science. Such a campaign has the potential to alter culture and the course of the future.

— As told to Christina Moniz

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