NexoPOS is an Open-Source Point of Sale System Built With Laravel

NexoPOS is an open-source point of sale system built with Laravel, Tailwind, Vue.js, and other open-source tools. It provides free and paid modules that offer tools needed to manage stores.

NexoPOS new order screen

Out of the box, NexoPOS has the following features in the free, open-source version:

  • Stock procurement
  • Stock adjustments
  • User roles and permissions management
  • Customer and group management
  • Recurring expenses
  • Unit of measures management
  • Responsive UI design
  • Tax management
  • Media management
  • Order management
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Coupon management
  • Reports
  • And more…

Besides the free, open-source offerings, you can pay for premium modules for things such as customer SMS messages, staff module, a multi-store module, and more.

On the technology side of this product, when writing, NexoPOS is built using Laravel v8, Vue.js v2, and Tailwind CSS v3.

While a few things seemed a little rough around the edges in the v4 Demo I tried, NexoPOS has extensive features for building and using a POS using web technologies like Laravel.

Learn More

This product has extensive documentation on how to get started and become familiar with all the concepts around what this POS offers.

You can also find documentation on extending NexoPOS via modules if you need to build anything custom not found in the core product or marketplace.

If you would like to contribute or learn more about the source code, you can check it out on GitHub at Blair2004/NexoPOS-4x.

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