Technology0News18 India set for special programming on Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Elections Counting Day 2022


News18 India is all set to cover the most extensive counting day coverage of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections with minute-by-minute updates under the umbrella programming of “Sabse bada Dangal.”

This 12 to 14 hour special coverage, led by the channel’s Managing Editor, Kishore Ajwani will include seat tally and comprehensive live coverage from the states. The programme will closely keep track of the results and conduct in-depth analysis with an eminent panel of experts.

The channel is all set to bring the fastest and most accurate updates to its viewers through robust mechanisms like the Live Result Hub, wherein the channel’s correspondents report directly from the counting booths.

The channel’s counting day special programming will feature several discussions and will bring out LIVE coverage from different cities, towns, and villages in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh with exclusive and in-depth analysis of the assembly elections 2022.

News18 India has pushed the boundaries of programming through innovative and engaging formats over the years. With special programming such as ‘Sabse Bada Dangal’ the channel will continue to provide viewers with relevant content to keep them up to date on upcoming elections.


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