New Relic Package for Laravel Apps

The Laravel New Relic package enhances New Relic performance monitoring for Laravel apps. While New Relic works with Laravel applications out of the box, this package reports optimized transactions for Laravel.

Out of the box, this package can tune transactions for:

  • HTTP transactions are handled with a global middleware on each request
  • CLI requests are filtered out for noise (so long-running calls like php artisan horizon won’t skew your stats).
  • Queued jobs record a transaction automatically as each one starts and ends.
  • Artisan commands are recorded as individual transactions.
  • Scheduled tasks are monitored as each one is executed.

Additionally, this package can notify New Relic of code deployments (which can help isolate performance issues and errors) and simulate transactions in environments where the package cannot detect the New Relic PHP module.

1php artisan new-relic:deploy

The configuration file has more details on how to configure this package, ignore commands, and even ignore route patterns. It comes with sensible yet customizable defaults.

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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