New “Code Wiz” program coming to Durham attracts young children preparing for future demand for computer coding

A new after-school program in Durham offers children a chance to learn coding skills. “Code Wiz” offers the experience in a fun, interactive environment.

Two our of three STEM jobs involve software development, so learning to “code” is among the most in-demand skills, says Teresa Hartsfield, owner and operator of “Code Wiz”.

The business will open in Durham with a “soft launch” the week of January 16th and a grand opening scheduled for Saturday, January 21st between 10am and 1pm.

Hartsfield said, “I think it’s for everybody and anybody. If you have a desire to learn, if you have a love and passion for learning, this is a great industry to get into.”

She believes more children should learn coding skills early. Hartsfield says most children are already familiar with “gaming”.

“So a lot of kids know Roblox and Minecraft, so that’s a phenomenal way to kind of enter into the system because they know it, they’re doing it anyway. But, let’s take their interest in this particular field and actually do some good with it and learn some tangible coding skills,” said Hartsfield.

The students will discover that coding is all around them. Hartsfield said, “It’s in cars. It’s in microwaves, in computers. Everything that we use on a day to day basis. I mean, how can I miss the phone, right? and the computer.”

The benefits of learning how to code include helping students improve critical thinking and problem solving skills. The key, says Hartsfield, is making the experience challenging, but most of all, fun.

“The children have access to these things. They’re doing it now! They have no clue, but let’s continue this mission, right? Make it an everyday thing for them so they can continue on and do greater and better things for society, ” said Hartsfield.

“Code Wiz” in Durham has a “soft launch” of their program the week of January 16th with trial classes. Their grand-opening is Saturday January 21st.

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