New artisan docs command in Laravel 9.23

The Laravel team released 9.23 with an artisan docs command, Vite support for CSP/SRI, a new fluent JSON assertion method and more. Let’s take a look at the latest Laravel 9 release:

Artisan docs command

Tim MacDonald contributed a new amazing artisan docs command, giving developers quick access to website documentation from the command line:

1# Opens a choice dialog you can use to type what you want

2php artisan docs


4# Opens the validation docs

5php artisan docs validation

Things get really crazy, when, let’s say you want to go to the unique validation rule on the validation docs page:

1php artisan docs validation unique


3# partial searches, will open the unique validation rule

4php artisan docs va un

Here’s an example of the default behavior when you don’t pass a page to the command:

artisan docs choice prompt

Fluent JSON whereNot assertion

Mateus Guimarães contributed a whereNot() JSON testing assertion:


2 ->assertJson(fn (AssertableJson $json) =>

3 $json->where('id', 1)

4 ->where('name', 'Victoria Faith')

5 ->whereNot('status', 'pending')

6 ->missing('password')

7 ->etc()

8 );

Delete a model quietly

Anjorin Damilare contributed a deleteQuietly() model method to delete a model from the database without raising any events:

1use App\Models\Flight;


3$flight = Flight::find(1);



Conditionable trait added to Filesystem adapters

Ralph J. Smit contributed adding the Conditionable trait to Filesystem to allow you to use when() and unless() methods:


2 ->when(true)

3 ->delete('StardewTaylor.png');

Vite support for CSP, SRI, and arbitrary values

Tim MacDonald contributed first-party support for the Vite implementation to create a nonce that will be used on all generated script and style tags:

1use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Vite;


3class ContentSecurityPolicy


5 public function handle($request, $next)

6 {

7 // You need to call this function **before** resolving the response

8 // so that 3rd parties can use the same nonce throughout the request

9 // lifecycle e.g. Ziggy


11 Vite::useCspNonce();


13 return $next($response)->withHeaders([

14 'Content-Security-Policy' => "script-src 'nonce-".Vite::cspNonce()."'",

15 ]);

16 }


This subject is pretty heavy, so I recommend reading through the description on Pull Request #43442 to get the full details. Also, the Laravel Vite documentation has been updated with Script & Style Tag Attributes section to help you get started.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.22.0 and 9.23.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added whereNot method to Fluent JSON testing matchers (#43383)
  • Added deleteQuietly method to Model and use arrow func for related methods (#43447)
  • Added conditionable trait to Filesystem adapters (#43450)
  • Introduce artisan docs command (#43357)
  • Added Support CSP nonce, SRI, and arbitrary attributes with Vite (#43442)
  • Support conditionables that get condition from target object (#43449)
  • Added whereIn to Illuminate/Routing/RouteRegistrar::allowedAttributes (#43509)


  • Prevent redis crash when large number of jobs are scheduled for a specific time (#43310)


  • Make Command components Factory extensible (#43439)
  • Solve Blade component showing quote formatted for the console (#43446)
  • Improves output capture from serve command (#43461)
  • Allow terser singleton bindings (#43469)

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