Most Popular Programming Languages Statistics

Most Popular Programming Languages Statistics



programming languages statistics: The tech market which is also booming along with digital marketing is pretty good for a better income source. The tech market has many other things including programming languages. Programming languages are the basis for the formation of various websites, games, software, mobile applications, etc… There are nearly 9,000 programming languages around the world with each language with its own feature. In this most popular programming language statistics, we will have a look at statistical information and general knowledge about worldwide available various programming languages.

Programming Languages Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • There are 8,945 programming languages as stated by most popular Programming languages statistics.
  • As of 2022, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages as around 47.86% of recruiters are demanding JavaScript language skills.
  • A basic python developer earns between $70,000 to $1,00,00 a year.
  • As per the most popular programming languages statistics Python has ranked number 1 in the United States of America, India, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom

What Is A Programming Language?

A programming language is a language written in computer language which can be called system notation. Many programming languages are written just like English language and many others include graphical language. The formal language of programming languages can be divided into semantics which provides meaning to the written code and syntax which gives form to the coding language. The concept includes the study of implementation, analysis, design, characterization, and classification of programming languages. There are a set of predetermined programming languages that are only for web development and others for software creation, incorporation of games, etc.…

Type Of Programming Languages

1. Logic programming languages

These types of languages include Prolog, Datalog, Alma-0, and an abyss; rather than instructing the computer what to do, these programming languages present a set of facts and rules to help the computer learn on how to make decisions.

2. Scripting languages

These types of languages include Python, Bash, Perl, Node.js, Ruby, and PHP. Scripting languages help computers run repetitive tasks and manage web content and processes in larger terms of software applications.

3. Object-oriented programming languages

This type of language includes C++, Ruby, PHP, Java, and Python. This type of language treats a group of objects which are program elements and composed of data, which are known as methods and attributes. In this concept, coding is easier and can be reused for further programs.

4. Procedural programming languages

In order to gain a required output procedural programming language provides a set of commands or statements in sequence. Every step of the set is called a procedure. Programs written in this language have more than 1 procedure. This type of language includes C and C++, BASIC, Java, and Pascal.

5. Functional programming languages

In this type of language, the output is focused on mathematical evolutions. The coding lines used in this are reusable in others. Examples of Functional programming languages are Erlang, Elixir, F#, Haskell, and Scala.

Features Of Programming Languages

  • Programming languages help to develop any software or website, games, application, and many other things with the simple formation of coding lines.
  • These languages are easy to understand and write.
  • Instead of designing a website or software, it can also be written in programming languages.
  • These languages are universal.
  • Each programming language share

General Programming Languages Statistics

  • There are 8,945 programming languages as stated by Most popular Programming languages statistics.
  • Python has ranked number one in PYPL and TIOBE indexes around the world.
  • Python is the easiest language to learn according to Most popular programming languages statistics.

  • As of 2022, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages as around 47.86% of recruiters are demanding JavaScript language skills.
  • As per Most popular programming languages statistics, Java and Python are ranked second and third with a percentage of 43.07% and 38.87% accordingly.
  • Other languages, such as C, C++, Typescript, PHP, and Kotlin have also been ranked in the list of most popular programming languages statistics for most desired languages by recruiters, with the percentages ranging from 0.94% to 26.02%

By Country

(Source: Statistictimes)

  • As per the Popularity of the programming language index, Python, Java, and JavaScript have been ranked in first, second, and third place.
  • Each of the first three programming languages has a share of 27.61%, 17.64%, and 9.21% accordingly in the PYPL index over the world.
  • But the trend for Python has decreased by -2.8% and 0.7% respectively.
  • Whereas Javascript has shown an increasing trend in the PYPL worldwide index with an increasing trend of 0.4%.

(Source: Statistictimes)

  • As per the Most popular programming languages statistics Python has ranked number 1 in the United States of America, India, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.
  • Similarly, Java has ranked in the second spot with the PYPL Index in similar countries but with a different share of the index in each country.
  • Whereas JavaScript has ranked third in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America with 11.17% of the share, 8.56%, and 10.1% respectively.
  • In Germany and France, C# has taken third place with a share of 8.84% and 7.61% each.


Learning a programming language even after having a totally different background is not difficult. You only need some basic math skills to do some calculations. Each and every programming language is specifically designed according to the need of the software, web development, etc… Today, a career in coding always provides career growth and income stability. If you are someone who loves to develop games, mobile or web applications, operating systems, web development, etc… then learning a programming language is a great choice for you. There is n number of companies looking for people who can write multiple programming languages. Thus, choose a basic language and start learning!

Can I start a career in coding even after having irrelevant degree?

Yes. You can always start your career in coding even after having knowledge from another background. There are multiple courses teaching programming languages on the internet. You don’t need to have any basic knowledge about programming languages but forming lines of coding requires a lot of patience.

Do you need to know mathematics for coding?

In some sense, Yes. You need to have some basic knowledge about algebra and other basic mathematical calculations. But don’t worry about difficult calculations, the system will do it for you.

Which language as a beginner should I learn?

You should go with Python, because the writing style of this code is similar to English and is easy to understand.

How much do you earn if you have basic programming language knowledge?

Currently, programming languages are booming all over the world, and depending on the experience, a person as a Python developer earns between $70,000 to $1,00,00 a year.

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