Make an impact on the Developer Ecosystem

New Global Developer Nation survey has started, you are officially invited and your input could shape the future of the Developer Ecosystem.

Are you using the same platforms, technologies and apps?
What have you stopped using and what are your pain points?
Which tools and platforms are you using now?
Is JavaScript still the Queen?

Take part in the most complete survey and shape the key trends among developers for 2023!

The more questions you answer the more chances you get to win.
What? Here is just a small preview of what we have pulled together.

General prize draw with 250 prizes including:

  • ThinkPad L15 Gen 3
  • IoT kits
  • iPad Air
  • Intel NUC 10 Performance Mini PC
  • choice of gifts cards or Crypto
  • CoPilot or Tabnine yearly licences
  • IDE licences
  • Udemy courses
  • Swag
  • Cloud credits
  • Tech accessories
    and many more

Developer Nation likes to donate to charities (including coding ones) on behalf of each developer who completes our surveys. That’s just one way to give back and support the global developer community too.

You will find a question asking you to pick which charity you’d like us to support this time.

Start the survey here →

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