Technology0Majority of SVOD Programming Based on Pre-existing Intellectual Property in 2022


LONDON—To the surprise of virtually no one, the majority of scripted movie and TV series programming on subscription video on demand was based on adaptations, franchises and other forms of pre-existing intellectual property (IP) in the first half of 2022, according to Ampere Analysis. 

According to Ampere’s report, “How original are SVoD Originals?” 64% of such programming was  based on characters and storylines viewers are already familiar with. Including Unscripted Originals, the share of IP-based commissions stood at 42% of new movies and First run Originals in the U.S. during the period, compared to 28% for their international commissions, reflecting the competitiveness and maturity of the groups’ native U.S. market, Ampere noted. SVoD players have increased their share of IP-based commissions in North America by seven percentage points over the last two years.

(Image credit: Ampere Analysis)

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