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 HARARE — Data management has changed the way business is done in the most dramatic way in recent memory.

As more and more institutions are moving towards analytics as a way of doing business, it has become important for organisations to find the best way of analysing the data they have at their disposal.

A basic example of data analytics are the metrics generated by social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

At the click of a button, a user can see how many people have viewed their posts, where these people are and what they do for a living. This information helps people create the kind of content that they know will bring in the reactions they are looking for.

Eunoia Consultants have taken this approach and brought it to business.

Interestingly, most of the available systems used in data analysis have been developed elsewhere and have to be customized to suit the local environment.

Institutions have had to bear costs such as licensing and, in some cases, development of appropriate solutions.

The cost factor has led many organisations to abandon business analytics programmes altogether.

Learning from this experience, a local software development company has launched a data analytics software that brings a new dimension to the analytics game.

 Wholly Zimbabwean developed, the software is set to revolutionaries the data analytics business in Zimbabwe.

 Ms Rukudzo Mhonda, the managing partner at Eunoia Consultants said “ProDataTool is a home grown data solution made in Zimbabwe in the programming language Python. ProDataTool is responsive to needs and is tailor made to be very simple yet providing powerful analytical features using the Python Language. 

“Data plays a big role in how business, government and non-profit organisations are run hence this will not only serve the market but provide financial savings for our African community.

This software offers User-friendly interface and international standard features at a click of a button.”

 The software targets professionals in data analysis functions, which include different functions such as auditors, monitoring and evaluation analysts, business analysts, educational analyst and more. The industry applications are thus over different sectors of the economy as all companies require data analysis to enable them to make smart and holistic decisions.

Strategic decision making has often been the banana peel on which organisations slip and fall, and this platform will allow organisations to avoid such slip ups by helping them build robust programmes.

 “ProData Tool allows organisations to run analysis of business functions, for example a company may need to understand it’s sales trends, the tool can be used by the business analyst to provide in depth analysis on how these sales are distributed and more,” said Ms Mhonda.

 Eunoia Consultants is an organisation that offers Business Advisory, Professional Training, and Payroll Business for large, medium and small businesses.

“Our mission is to ensure the African enterprises have solutions that meet their business strategy and objectives. This means not prescribing solutions but tailoring them to meet the needs of the business as according to their vision, mission and objectives,” said Ms Mhonda.

 The company plans to take the tool around the country and showcase it to the wider business community.

“We plan to take ProDataTool around Zimbabwe and to the African continent starting off in Southern Africa, to make solutions available for the digital front through our software products,” she said.

Data analytics is a key business component and determines how a business is able to turn everyday data into business decisions.

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