Learn Python 3 through 15 projects with this $12 course

Get your start in programming and computer science with Python 3 Complete Bootcamp Master Course to begin your software development career with the skills you need.

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According to the widely respected TIOBE Index, the most popular programming language in the world is Python. It also happens to be the language in demand at companies like Google and Spotify. If you want to learn it, the Python 3 Complete Bootcamp Master Course is an ideal first step.

Comprising 31 hours of hands-on training and a whole heap of practical projects, this online track helps you earn real-world knowledge of Python 3. It’s normally priced at $499, but you can get it today for only $10.99 in a special deal at TechRepublic Academy.

From data visualization to cybersecurity and software development, Python is perhaps the most versatile programming language around today. It’s relatively easy to understand, as well, which is why so many computer science programs begin with Python tutorials. This course provides a very similar education, just without the thousands of dollars in student loans.

Delivered by a top-rated instructor, the Bootcamp Master Course teaches you Python 3 from scratch. Through 377 individual video lessons, you will go from writing your first lines of code to executing advanced data analysis and utilizing powerful libraries.

The training is based around 15 project apps, which you discover how to build through step-by-step tutorials. These practical examples introduce key skills and technologies, such as Numpy and Pandas, while helping you gain valuable experience. Along the way, you’ll build calculators, dictionaries, number plotters and more.

Order today for only $10.99 to get the course today at 97% off MSRP for a limited time.

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