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The Laravel team released 9.49 this week with support for casting an array of enums, CLI prompts, and more. Be sure the check out the changelog as this week’s release is chock full of new additions, fixes, and changes from the last two weeks; most of the Laravel team was at Laracon EU last week.

Support for casting collection or array of enums

Ralph J. Smit contributed support for casting arrays of enums:

use App\Enums\ServerStatus;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Casts\AsEnumCollection;


protected $casts = [

'statuses' => AsEnumCollection::class.':'.ServerStatus::class,


And here’s an example of using the array version:

use App\Enums\ServerStatus;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Casts\AsEnumArrayObject;


protected $casts = [

'statuses' => AsEnumArrayObject::class.':'.ServerStatus::class,


See the Casting Arrays Of Enums documentation for more information.

CLI prompts

Jess Archer contributed the ability to automatically prompt the user for missing command arguments instead of returning an error. This feature can be used by implementing the PromptsForMissingInput interface:

use Illuminate\Console\Command;

use Illuminate\Contracts\Console\PromptsForMissingInput;


class MyCommand extends Command implements PromptsForMissingInput


// ...


This functionality was also added to all the make:* commands:

Artisan error for missing argument


Prompting the user for a missing argument

New TestResponse JSON assertions

Seth Phat contributed two assertion methods for asserting that JSON is an array and asserting that JSON is an object. Here are some examples from Pull Request #45731:

$this->json('GET', 'countries')


->assertJsonIsArray(); // [ {..}, {...}, ....]


$this->json('GET', 'users')


->assertJsonIsArray('data'); // {'data': [...]}


$this->json('GET', 'countries/US')


->assertJsonIsObject(); // {id: '...', name: '..'}


$this->json('GET', 'users/1')


->assertJsonIsObject('data'); // {'data': {id: '..', name: '...'}}

“missing” validation rules

Tim MacDonald contributed “missing” validation rules, which is a strict version of the prohibits validation rule. The field under validation must not be present in the input data.

Here’s a list of all the possible variations, including the typical if and unless variants:

  • missing
  • missing_if:attribute,value
  • missing_unless:attribute,value
  • missing_with:attribute1,attribute2
  • missing_with_all:attribute1,attribute2

HTTP client error handling methods

Wendell Adriel contributed new HTTP response methods for error handling:

Here are a few examples of the methods Wendell contributed:

// Only throws an exception if the HTTP response code is 500



// Callable

$response->throwIfStatus(fn ($status) => $status === 500);


// Throws an exception if the HTTP response code is not 200



// Only throws an exception if the HTTP response code is >= 400 and < 500



// Only throws an exception if the HTTP response code is >= 500


Check out the HTTP Client error handling documentation for more details.

Configurable timezone support for queue worker output

Matias Mäki contributed a queue.log_timezone configuration option so that queue:work can output timestamps in a different timezone than the application default app.timezone setting.:

The rationale for this addition is that this is already doable for log files made through Log facade with Log::setTimezone, but the WorkCommand is not using the Logging subsystem but Console\OutputStyle to write directly back to the stdout and stderr.

No action on the deletion of foreign keys

Erfan Hemmati contributed a noActionOnDelete() method to migrations for foreign keys.






Refer to the documentation of your database of choice to understand how it might work.

Add force delete quietly to soft deleted models

Pascal Huberts contributed a forceDeleteQuietly() method that forces a hard delete on a soft-deleted model without raising any events:


Array sortDesc() method

Timur Fralik contributed a Arr::sortDesc() method which sorts an array in descending order by its values:

$sorted = Arr::sortDesc(['Desk', 'Table', 'Chair']);


// ['Table', 'Desk', 'Chair']

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.48.0 and 9.49.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added Illuminate/Database/Schema/ForeignKeyDefinition::noActionOnDelete() (#45712)
  • Added new throw helper methods to the HTTP Client (#45704)
  • Added configurable timezone support for WorkCommand output timestamps (#45722)
  • Added support for casting arrays containing enums (#45621)
  • Added “missing” validation rules (#45717)
  • Added /Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/SoftDeletes::forceDeleteQuietly() (#45737)
  • Added Illuminate/Collections/Arr::sortDesc() (#45761)
  • Added CLI Prompts (#45629, #45864)
  • Adds assertJsonIsArray and assertJsonIsObject for TestResponse (#45731)
  • Added Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Relations/HasOneOrMany::createQuietly() (#45783)
  • Add validation rules: ascii_alpha, ascii_alpha_num, ascii_alpha_dash (#45769)
  • Extract status methods to traits (#45789)
  • Add “addRestoreOrCreate” extension to SoftDeletingScope (#45754)
  • Added connection established event (f850d99)
  • Add forceDeleting event to models (#45836)
  • Add title tag in mail template (#45859)
  • Added new methods to Collection (#45839)
  • Add skip cancelled middleware (#45869)


  • Fix flushdb on cluster for PredisClusterConnection.php (#45544)
  • Fix blade tag issue with nested calls (#45764)
  • Fix infinite loop in blade compiler (#45780)
  • Fix ValidationValidator not to accept terminating newline (#45790)
  • Fix stubs publish command generating incorrect controller stubs (#45812)
  • fix: normalize route pipeline exception (#45817)
  • Fix Illuminate Filesystem replace() leaves file executable (#45856)


  • Ensures channel name matches from start of string (#45692)
  • Replace raw invisible characters in regex expressions with counterpart Unicode regex notations (#45680)
  • Optimize destroy method (#45709)
  • Unify prohibits behavior around prohibits_if (#45723)
  • Removes dependency on bcmath (#45729)
  • Allow brick/math 0.11 also (#45762)
  • Optimize findMany of BelongsToMany (#45745)
  • Ensure decimal rule handles large values (#45693)
  • Backed enum support for @js (#45862)
  • Restart syscalls for SIGALRM when worker times out a job (#45871)
  • Ensure subsiquent calls to Mailable->to() overwrite previous entries (#45885)

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