Laravel 9.44 is released with native support for changing database columns and more

The Laravel team released 9.44 this week with Vite 4 support, per-channel notification connection config, native rename/drop for all database drivers, and more:

Doctrine is not required to rename/drop columns

Hafez Divandari contributed native support for renaming and dropping columns on all databases supported by Laravel. The pull request description has a table that will help you determine if you need doctrine/dbal to support renaming and dropping columns:

Database Supported version on Laravel Rename column support Drop column support
MariaDB 10.3+ 10.5.2+ (Docs) Already implemented
MySQL 5.7+ 8.0+ (Docs) Already implemented
PostgreSQL 10.0+ 10.0- Already implemented
SQLite 3.8.8+ 3.25.0+ 3.35.0+
SQL Server 2017+ 2017- Already implemented

Per-notification queue connection configuration

James Hemery contributed the ability to specify a queue connection on a per-notification channel basis. You can do so by defining a viaConnections() method that returns each notification channel’s key/value pair and the connection it should use.


2 * Determine which connections should be used for each notification channel.

3 *

4 * @return array

5 */

6public function viaConnections()


8 return [

9 'mail' => 'redis',

10 'database' => 'sync',

11 ];


See Customizing The Notification Queue Connection section of the notifications documentation for full details!

HTTP client “throw if” Closure support

Günther Debrauwer contributed passing a Closure to the HTTP client throwIf() method. Previously, only a boolean was supported, but now you can customize the logic to determine if you should throw an exception:

1Http::throwIf(fn ($response) => $response->status() !== 404)

2 ->get('');



5 ->throwIf(fn ($response) => $response->status() !== 404);

Vite 4.0

Tim MacDonald added Vite 4 support to Jetstream, Breeze, and the Vite Plugin. If you create a new Laravel application or install any of the above, you’ll start with Vite 4! To learn more, read Vite 4.0 is out! by the Vite team.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.43.0 and 9.44.0 on GitHub. Once the full changelog is available, we’ll also list it here!

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