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The Laravel team released 9.37 this week along with a few patch releases between 9.37 and the release of Laravel 9.36. This week’s releases added support for preloading assets with Vite, new strict violation handlers, verbose view caching CLI output, and more.

Verbose view caching

Andrew Brown contributed the ability to pass -v to the view:cache artisan command to output the directories the command is looking in and -vv to see every file the command caches.

php artisan view:cache -vv

Here’s an example of what you’ll see with a fresh install of Laravel 9.37:

view:cache verbose output

Handlers for silently discarded and missing attributes

Aaron Francis contributed the ability to register handlers for “silently discarded” and “missing attributes” strict mode violations:


function ($model, $key) {

// ...





function ($model, $keys) {

// ...



Pass a closure for the rescue report param

@foremtehan contributed passing a callable as the $report parameter when using rescue() so you can conditionally report the error based on the boolean returned:

rescue(fn() => 'error', fn() => 'rescue', function(Throwable $e){

return $e instanceof SomeException;


Support preloading assets with Vite

Tim MacDonald contributed preloading of assets required for the current page load with Vite. It is now the default behavior for Laravel applications using Vite. The details of how this works is quite intricate, and I’d recommend reading the description of Pull Request #44096. Also, you can learn more about the general concepts behind preloading critical assets to improve loading speed.

Query builder raw value method

@eusonlito contributed a rawValue() method to get a value from a SQL expression. Here are some examples from the pull request:

$first = TripModel::orderBy('date_at', 'ASC')


$last = TripModel::orderBy('date_at', 'DESC')



$fullname = UserModel::where('id', $id)

->rawValue('CONCAT(`first_name`, " ", `last_name`)');

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.36.0 and 9.37.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added optional verbose output when view caching (#44673)
  • Allow passing closure to rescue $report parameter (#44710)
  • Support preloading assets with Vite (#44096)
  • Added Illuminate/Mail/Mailables/Content::htmlString() (#44703)


  • Fixed model:show registering getAttribute() as a null accessor (#44683)
  • Fix expectations for output assertions in PendingCommand (#44723)



  • Added rawValue to Database Query Builder (and Eloquent as wrapper) (#44631)
  • Added TransactionCommitting (#44608)
  • Added dontIncludeSource to CliDumper and HtmlDumper (#44623)
  • Added Illuminate/Filesystem/FilesystemAdapter::checksum() (#44660)
  • Added handlers for silently discarded and missing attribute violations (#44664)



  • Create new Json ParameterBag Instance when cloning Request (#44671)
  • Prevents booting providers when running env:decrypt (#44654)



  • Reverts micro-optimization on view events (#44653)


  • Fixes blade not forgetting compiled views on view:clear (#44643)
  • Fixed Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Model::offsetExists() (#44642)
  • Forget component’s cache and factory between tests (#44648)


  • Bump Testbench dependencies (#44651)



  • Ensures view creators and composers are called when * is present (#44636)



  • Fixes livewire components that were using createBladeViewFromString (#pull)

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