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The Laravel team released 9.32 with dd() file and line output, encrypting and decrypting .env files, a short syntax for blade component attributes, and more:

Add source file to dd output

Nuno Maduro improved dd() and dump() output, adding the source file and line:

This update is beneficial if you have a rogue dd() call within the vendor/ folder or somewhere in code that isn’t version controlled. This is a huge quality-of-life improvement for all the dd()’ers out there!

Encrypt and Decrypt .env

Joe Dixon contributed two artisan commands to encrypt and decrypt .env files. According to the the PR description, these commands are inspired by Rails which has similar functionality (since 5.1):

Inspiration for this was taken from Rails, who have had similar functionality since Rails 5.1 released in 2017.

The biggest benefit of this is that the encrypted environment files can be committed to version control which opens up a number of possibilities.

One benefit is that you can commit encrypted files to version control, thus versioning your development setup, staging, etc.:

1# Looks for .env and creates .env.encrypted

2php artisan env:encrypt


4# Use a supported cipher

5php artisan env:encrypt --cipher=aes-256-cbc


7# Looks for .env.production and creates .env.production.encrypted

8php artisan env:encrypt --env=production

To decrypt an encrypted file, you can use the following artisan command:

1# Decrypts .env.encrypted to create a .env file

2php artisan env:decrypt --key=h9kAPUmxdZ8ZbwT3


4# Specify options

5php artisan env:decrypt \

6 --key=h9kAPUmxdZ8ZbwT3 \

7 --env=production \

8 --filename=.env"

Share WithoutOverlapping key across jobs

Tim MacDonald contributed updates to WithoutOverlapping that apply overlapping logic across jobs instead of only supporting instances of the same class. See Pull Request #44227 for further details.

Short attribute syntax for Blade components

Pascal Baljet contributed the ability to use a shorter syntax for passing attributes to Blade components:

1<!-- current syntax -->

2<x-profile :user-id="$userId"></x-profile>


4<!-- short syntax -->

5<x-profile :$userId></x-profile>

Get request data as integer and float

Jason McCreary added support for conveniently casting request data to float and integer types:

1// Before




5// After



Cast stringables

Jason McCreary contributed methods to “conveniently cast stringables to common data types similar to those found in Laravel’s HTTP Request”:

1// Before


3floatval(str('Result: 1.23')->after(':')->trim()->toString());

4str('YeS')->lower()->toString() === 'yes';

5Carbon::parse(str('DOB: 12-31-2001')->after(':')->trim()->toString());



8// After


10str('Result: 1.23')->after(':')->trim()->toFloat();


12str('DOB: 12-31-2001')->after(':')->trim()->toDate();

Allow enum route bindings to have defaults

Florian Stascheck contributed the ability to provide defaults for enum route bindings when defining a route:

1Route::get('/categories-default/{category?}', function (CategoryBackedEnum $category = CategoryBackedEnum::Fruits) {

2 return $category->value;


See Pull Request #44255 for further details on how this works.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.31.0 and 9.32.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • New env:encrypt and env:decrypt commands (#44034)
  • Share WithoutOverlapping key across jobs (#44227)
  • Add missing citext type mapping to Illuminate/Database/Console/DatabaseInspectionCommand::$typeMappings (#44237)
  • Short attribute syntax for Blade Components (#44217)
  • Adds source file to dd function output (#44211)
  • Add methods to get request data as integer or float (#44239)
  • Adds Eloquent User Provider query handler (#44226)
  • Added Illuminate/Support/Testing/Fakes/BusFake::dispatchFakeBatch() (#44176)
  • Added methods to cast Stringables (#44238)
  • Added Illuminate/Routing/UrlGenerator::withKeyResolver() (#44254)
  • Add a hook to the serialisation of collections (#44272)
  • Allow enum route bindings to have default values (#44255)
  • Added benchmark utility class (b4293d7, #44297)
  • Added Illuminate/Console/Scheduling/ManagesFrequencies::everyOddHour() (#44288)


  • Fix incrementing string keys (#44247)
  • Fix bug in Fluent Class with named arguments in migrations (#44251)
  • Fix “about” command caching report (#44305)
  • Fixes memory leaks (#44306, #44307)


  • Patch for timeless timing attack vulnerability in user login (#44069)
  • Refactor: register commands in artisan service (#44257)
  • Allow factories to recycle models with for method (#44265)
  • Use dedicated method for placeholder replacement in validator (#44296)

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