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The Laravel team released 9.14 with migration table comments, a dynamic trashed factory state, a new array key helper, bootable/setup test traits, and more:

Migration table comments for MySQL and Postgres

Andrew Broberg contributed the ability to add table comments for MySQL and Postgres migrations:

1Schema::table('posts', function (Blueprint $table) {

2 $table->comment('This is a comment');


The author of this PR describes further:

This feature is useful for us so that our Business Intelligence team can better understand our database schema. We can already add comments on columns, adding comments on the table itself will also be beneficial in helping describe it.

Dynamic “trashed” factory state

Jason McCreary contributed dynamic support of a “trashed” factory state for models using soft deletes:

1$model = Model::factory()->trashed()->create();

Array prependKeysWith() helper

David Heremans contributed a new array helper to prepend all key names in an associative array quickly:

1Arr::prependKeysWith(['key' => 'value'], 'prefix.');


3// ['prefix.key' => 'value']

Bootable traits in tests

Pascal Baljet contributed a “bootable” trait feature from Eloquent to the base TestCase class (see also Pull Request #39883 for prior art related to this feature). This feature works by using a trait on a test case that has a method prefixed with setUp combined with the trait’s name (i.e., Foo trait with a method setUpFoo()):

1trait RefreshSomeService


3 public function setUpRefreshSomeService()

4 {

5 SomeService::refresh();

6 }



9class SomeServiceTest extends TestCase


11 use RefreshDatabase;

12 use RefreshSomeService;


This feature could be useful to set up an external service that you’ll need throughout your test suite in multiple test cases. See Pull Request #42394 for more discussion on implementation and possible use-cases.

Release notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.13.0 and 9.14.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added ability to add table comments for MySQL and Postgres (#42401)
  • Added dynamic trashed factory state (#42414)
  • Added Illuminate/Collections/Arr::prependKeysWith() (#42448)
  • Added bootable traits to TestCase (#42394)


  • Fix clone issue on updateOrCreate and firstOrCreate (#42434)
  • Prevent double sanitized key in RateLimiter@tooManyAttempts (#42462)
  • Add flush handler to output buffer for streamed test response (bugfix) (#42481)


  • Adds attaches a concise error message to SES exceptions (#42426)
  • Use duplicate instead of createFromBase to clone request when routes are cached (#42420)
  • Use model route key when route parameter does not specifiy custom binding field but a different parameter does (#42425)
  • Adds ability to have paginate() $perPage parameter as callable with access to $total (#42429)
  • Extract ServeCommand env list to static property (#42444)
  • Use route parameters in view (#42461)

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