Kids are Making Apps! Is Coding a Child’s Play Now?


Kids are now building apps! Experts question if coding is now just a game for kids to play

Humanity now solely depends on technological evolution to drive forward our industry and allow humans to progress toward evolution. If we have a look at the figures to see the growing number of coding courses, we will realize that a majority of colleges and training institutes have introduced advanced programming and coding prospects to prepare aspiring students to meet the rising industry demands. This is one of the many reasons why the demand for people to take on computer coding jobs has risen dramatically. However, the drive to enter a coding domain is not only prevalent among college students or professionals, but also among kids!

Recent reports have stated that school kids have become capable enough to create their own applications and further work on them for commercial purposes. There are several resources for kids to avail themselves and learn more about coding, but what about the candidates who have spent years training themselves to write accurate codes and conduct programming operations? Is coding a child’s play now?

Recently, there has been news that nine-year-old kids are developing games that resemble close to Mario and Minecraft and are even designing applications of the same type for their grandmothers. It is quite evident that coding prospects are simplifying and enabling more tech aspirants to join the domain and advance our society toward greatness. Apparently, among these kids, the programming language C++ has become quite important. The language has become a part of the regular curriculum in several schools. This is one of the many reasons why kids are increasingly becoming adept at innovating avant-garde applications.

The number of online classes has also significantly increased. And with growing exposure to the internet, children can easily learn whatever they want. Practice coaches and instructors use various activities and stories to enhance the problem-solving capabilities of kids and enable them to innovate without doubts.

Getting trained professionally for years is a challenge and requires a lot of hard work. But the same concept applies to kids as well! Accessing information and education has become easier now more than it was ever before. However, the advancements in technology have definitely attracted the kids’ attention who are now trying to get more creative and innovate to advance their career prospects.

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