Kevin Smith Reveals 2023 Programming for His Movie Theater Including Monthly Batman Screenings

Earlier this year filmmaker Kevin Smith announced plans to extend his reign in the world of movies beyond just filmmaking but also to exhibition. The director teamed up with partners in the area to purchase The Atlantic Moviehouse in his native Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, converting it to the Smodcastle Cinemas when the keys got handed over. Smith has been hard at work with the theater in recent months but in his latest FatMan Beyond podcast has offered a fresh look at plans for the theater in 2023, including some of their regular programming that will occur in addition to screening brand new movies.

“I’m building the schedule for the forthcoming six months at SmodCastle Cinemas,” Smith said. “Just went through all the new releases, everything that’s coming out between January and June. Now we’re going to start laying in all of the events and programming. I’m going to tell you what’s going on the schedule.” The special events he revealed include:

  • Merry Marvel Marching society. 
  • Movies That Made Me, Smith adds “A bunch of movies that were influential in like what I became.”
  • Fatman on Batman, “We’re going to be showing Batman movies once a month, watch them with this guy.”
  • Brat Pack, the films of John Hughes
  • Shore Shot, movies made in New Jersey. 
  • Rock Out With Your Dock Out, the films of Malcolm Ingram
  • Roushamon, the films of Josh Roush
  • Ides of Marc, movies with Marc Bernardnin
  • SmodCastle Sunday Morning Mass and Hummus Breakfast
  • Clerks Open All Night, Smith noted, “That’s when we show all three Clerks movies from Midnight ’til 6 in the morning, then eat breakfast catered by QuickStop. 
  • A Bear is Driving, the Clerks cartoon marathon. 
  • Silent Bob Speaks: Talking Over Movies Commentary Track screenings
  • Enter the Askew-niverse, the films of Kevin Smith
  • Directly Responsible, filmmakers at SmodCastle

On the final one, featuring filmmakers showing their movies and Smith interviewing them afterward, he added: “Last week we had Terrifier 1 and Terrifier 2 there and Damien Leone and Steve Barton, the producer, they both came with the cast and crew and we had a packed house, it was wonderful. Then I interviewed them afterwards. We’ll be doing the same thing with the Russo brothers in the first six months of next year, Zack Snyder is bringing Justice League, Jason Reitman, Jason Mewes, the other directorial Jason. I’m going to get Scott Mosier to come bring his Grinch movie. And we’re going to do an OG Clerks III script reading, the script that we didn’t shoot. Oh my god, such good times.”

You can explore the offerings at Smodcastle Cinemas over here

(Cover photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

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