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Ishan Sharma is a YouTuber known for making videos about coding, crypto, and hustle culture. The 20-year-old rose to fame after supposedly becoming a “crorepati,” or multi-millionaire, in 2022, leading to a sharp uptick of memes being made about him.


Ishan Sharma’s first YouTube upload was posted on September 14th, 2019, gathering over 40,000 views in three years. (seen below, left). His earliest viral video, titled “How My 12 Year Old Sister Earned 1500/hour Freelancing on fiverr,” was posted on August 3rd, 2020. It has gathered over 1.5 million views in over two years (seen below, right)


On March 20, 2022, Ishan uploaded a video titled, “BROKE to CROREPATI in 2 Years🔥.” The video gathered over 500,000 views in over eight months (seen below).

On December 12th, Ishan posted a tweet to his official Twitter detailing the “7 rules you must break to become independent 🧵” The tweet gathered over 3,000 likes in two days (seen below, left). However, the tweet also drew the ire of people who find his style of content cringeworthy or annoying. Twitter user @kawwwshal posted one such tweet, likening him to an antagonist from the Bollywood movie “3 Idiots,” which gathered over 500 likes (seen below, right).

Ishan Sharma I became a crorepati at age 20. I'm not the smartest person in the room. Nor am I the hardest working person. I did it by breaking the rules and traditions society told me to follow. Here are 7 rules you must break to become independent: @Ishansharma7390. Dec 12 *** Forehead Smile Sky Photograph Cloud Blue Human Jaw Vision care Gesture Happy Adaptation Eyewear Font kaushal @kawwwshal. Dec 12 ishan 10 yrs down the line Ishan Sharma @Ishansharma7390 Dec 12 I became a crorepati at age 20. I'm not the smartest person in the room. Nor am I the hardest working person.... Show this thread Sharman Joshi R. Madhavan 3 Idiots Chatur 'Silencer' Ramalingam Smile Photograph Product Gesture Font Communication Device Gadget Screenshot Technology Portable communications device Sharing

Also on December 12th, Twitter user @jhampakjhum posted a meme comparing Ishan and popular adult content creator Dani Daniels. The meme noted the various similarities between the two creators, including how they both “Did not listen to society. Followed their passion,” “Earned money but money doesn’t buy respect,” and “Locked themselves in a room and did hard work.” The tweet gathered over 6,000 likes in two days (seen below, left). On December 13th, a now-deleted Twitter account posted another meme about Ishan Sharma, gathering an unknown number of likes.

UmderTamker @jhampakjhum. Dec 12 Dani Daniels & Ishan Sharma: Choose your idol wisely Dani Daniels • College drop out • Very hard working Society ki na suni. Apna passion follow kiya • Paisa bahut kamaya par ijjat 1 paise ki nahi hai • Room me band ho ke mehnat karti hain • Ye Ishan ki videos nahi dekhti Ishan Sharma • College drop out Very hard working • Society ki na suni. Apna passion follow kiya Champakkum Same hi hai mamla inka bhi • Same same • Ye Dani ke videos nahi dekhte ... Font Happy V @vigiciann When u were busy banging my wife . : I was learning how the banking system works. We are not same bro 11:14 13 Dec 22 Twitter for iPhone Forehead Nose Smile Chin Eyebrow Mouth Jaw Happy Gesture Font Line Screenshot Adaptation Cloud Eyewear

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bharosa rakh bhai RISTOCRAT 11 Y CROPER Regale subah tak party krege Forehead Glasses Smile Human Plant Happy Travel Cool T-shirt Leisure Tree Adaptation Morning People Eyewear Asphalt Imao Nhi hustler Gaurav kmao Bsdk Forehead Hair Face Glasses Head Hairstyle Eyebrow Eye Plant Facial expression Vision care Smile Human Happy Font Eyelash Cool Morning Adaptation Eyewear Summer People Tree Black hair Friendship P*rn Dekhke Nahi Mera Hustle Dekhke Orgasm Lena Sikh Lode Forehead Nose Glasses Head Smile Cloud Chin Sky Eyebrow Vision care Facial expression Human Jaw Happy Mammal Gesture Eyewear Font Cool Adaptation bsdk khelna, party karna, chodampatti band kar @shewamasima aur meri tarah skills master kar tabhi zindagi mein kuch bann payega Plant Smile Natural environment Happy Organism Font Cool Community Adaptation Morning Friendship tu fir twitter chala raha hai jaa ke hustle kar lode Hilal Cebeci Forehead Nose Glasses Head Chin Plant Eyebrow Hairstyle Eye Facial expression Vision care Human Happy Smile Font Cool Tree Eyelash Adaptation Eyewear Morning People Natural foods ODINION rejected Forehead Head Plant Facial expression Tree Happy Font Vision care Movie Adaptation Morning People Summer

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