Intel confirms Meteor Lake has AV1 video encoding and decoding support

Intel Meteor Lake with AV1 decoding

Intel Media Driver video coding matrix confirms AV1 support for Meteor Lake. 

The decentralized architecture of Intel Meteor Lake will enable the company to offer more flexibility when it comes to graphics and video coding support.  The integrated Xe-LPG graphics, a successor to Xe-LP on Tiger Lake series will enable new gaming modes and improve encoding capabilities.

Intel has now confirmed that the MTL (Meteor Lake) will officially support AV1 8bit and 10-bit video encoding and decoding, just as DG2 (Arc Alchemist) series. This is a new royalty free video format that is up to 50% more efficient than H.264 format.

Intel Meteor Lake Video Decoding/Encoding Matrix, Source: Intel

Support for low-power AV1 encoding was already mentioned in a leaked slide posted by Igor’sLAB a few months ago. The update to Media Driver now confirms it.

Intel Meteor Platform, Source: Igor’sLAB

The AV1 decoding and encoding support for Meteor Lake will bring should fast-forward the adoption of this video format by popular streaming services. The AV1 encoding is now supported by AMD RDNA3, NVIDIA Ada and Intel Alchemist. This support will soon be expanded for AMD/NVIDIA mobile products.

According to OneRaichu a product codenamed “MTS-S”, which should stand for desktop series, could actually be canceled. This rumor is definitely on a surprising note, given how much we have learned about said product already. However, this leaker has a good track record, especially for Intel related content.

Recently, there was a leak featuring internal Intel slides revealing the plans for Raptor Lake series refresh. This product would appear around a third quarter next year, so just about when news on desktop Meteor Lake were to be expected. Should these rumors turns out true, this should not really change plans for the Meteor Lake mobile deployment, though.

RUMORED Intel Mainstream CPU Roadmap
VideoCardz Alder Lake Raptor Lake Raptor Lake Refresh Meteor Lake Arrow Lake Lunar Lake
Desktop Launch Date Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q3 2023 TBC TBC TBC
CPU Node Intel 7 Intel 7 Intel 7 Intel 4  Intel 20A Intel 18A
Big Core µArch Golden Cove Raptor Cove Raptor Cove Redwood Cove Lion Cove TBC
Small Core µArch  Gracemont Gracemont Gracemont Crestmont Skymont TBC
Graphics µArch Xe-LP Xe-LP Xe-LP Xe-LPG Xe-LPG Xe2-LPG
Max CPU Core Count 16 (8C+8c) 24 (8C+16c) 24 (8C+16c) TBC 40 (8C+32c) TBC
Max GPU Core Count 96 EU 96 EU 96 EU 128 EU 320 EU TBC
Desktop Socket LGA-1700 LGA-1700 LGA-1700 LGA-1851 LGA-1851 TBC
Memory Support DDR4-3200
PCIe Gen PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 TBC TBC
Intel Core Series 12th Gen Core 13th Gen Core 13th Gen Core (?) 14th Gen Core TBC TBC

Source: Intel Media Driver

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