Ian Riccaboni Credits Excalibur With Getting Him on AEW Programming

During a virtual signing for K&S Wrestlefest (via Fightful), Ian Riccaboni gave credit to Excalibur for getting himself and Caprice Coleman on AEW programming. Here are highlights:

On how he ended up calling matches in AEW: “Excalibur, if you want to know the truth, one of the biggest reasons you see Caprice and I on television is Excalibur. He is nothing but kind and gracious and figures out a way to work with my schedule, Caprice’s schedule and whatever is going on with the TV show, he finds a way to work us in. I have nothing bad to say about Excalibur.”

On working with Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone: “It’s wild because I came in through Kevin Kelly in Ring of Honor, he took me under his wing. He was under the Jim Ross learning tree. He would tell me about Jim and how appreciative he was. My personal favorite was always Tony Schiavone. The gravitas he had, he had that calmness, even as the NWO stuff was going on and he was so calm that when it did break down, you knew it was a big deal because of the peaks and valleys in his voice. To be able to work with them, to call a match with Jim Ross first, that was surreal. It’s this voice you’ve heard your whole life and you’re sitting next to the man behind it. Jim has been very gracious with me, given me some good pointers and feedback in the backstage area. He sits down, chops it up with you, and listens to what you do. Tony Schiavone is the same way.”

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