How To Build A Web Application using ASP.Net From Scratch

ASP.NET is an open-source framework widely used to develop web apps as well as dynamic web pages developed by Microsoft. This framework made the programmers able to develop dynamic websites, services as well as applications.

Asp .net framework was first released in the month of January in the year 2002. Since the initial version ASP.NET 1.0, it went through numerous changes that lead to the eradication of most of the drawbacks existing with prevalent version. It supports numerous programming models such as ASP.NET web forms, MVC web pages and applications, Web APIs and many more. Today, the .Net web application development has gained huge popularity and it has advanced a lot with the huge demand of hiring the .Net developers. More powerful functionality and more impressive structure for later modification makes use of MVC architecture. Model-View-Controller is an advanced topic, therefore this article can help you in understanding the steps of .Net web app development from scratch along with basic overview of MVC model.


An MVC web application can be created using Microsoft Visual Studio IDE by following some easy and basic steps. The first one includes setting up a development environment for developing an application.

There are a few prerequisites that are required before developing any application. This includes knowledge of any programming language such as C#. Additionally, a basic but clear knowledge of ASP.NET is also required. To give a front end touch to the whole application, one needs to know any of the web development languages between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The next thing includes the installation of Visual Studio. A version greater than Visual Studio 2015 is required. Versions lower than that will not be compatible.

A project made in ASP.NET can include the following parts:


1) An ASP.NET MVC framework or development service

2) A particular template engine to render languages like HTML. This engine is also known as the Razor template engine.

3) A particular type of framework known as the Entity framework. This can be explained as an ORM that enables the users to access different databases within the application without a deep knowledge of SQL or details of the database.

4) ASP.NET Identity can also be used in the same. It is a framework developed on the basis of the Entity framework. It is commonly used in managing users and roles.

5) Lastly, a bootstrap CSS framework is required. This is a front end CSS framework that is relatively easy to learn and is super friendly.

6) The most interesting fact of this framework is, it is not required to learn every part of ASP.NET to build an app or website. With some customizations and knowledge, one can easily make any application.


Setting up the Environment for Development


A developer can develop an ASP.NET MVC application with the latest and most appropriate versions of Visual Studio and .NET framework and also by consulting various development services.

For example, the developer or any PWA development companycan install MVC version 5.2, Visual Studio 2017 (Community Edition) and .NET framework 4.6. After installing these three, the developer can create their first ASP.NET application. Without the presence of the mentioned software, it is not possible to create such an application.

The development of application works on a certain process popularly known as CRUD. This abbreviation can be expanded as:

  • Create: To create using a combination of backend and front end programming languages.
  • Retrieve: Retrieve the information whenever and wherever needed.
  • Update: Application once made can be updated according to changing preferences as well as technological advancement.
  • Delete: Delete the drawbacks and limitations of the application

Developing a simple MVC App

Before moving on to some complex application development it is better to know how to do it in a simple way. Various companies hire dot net developers while there are some enthusiasts who do it themselves at a personal or professional level.

Following the below steps, anyone can develop their first simple MVC App

1) The user needs to open the Visual Studio 2017 (Community Edition) and then select File Menu > New > Project.

2) After the users click the New Project option, they will see a dialogue box. They need to select and expand the Visual C# node and choose the Web option available in the left pane. After doing this they need to select ASP.NET Web Application (.NET framework) that is in the middle pane. After this, the user has to enter the name of their project. Users can also decide where they want to save their file by clicking on the Browse button. After all this, finally OK has to be clicked.

3) The users need to select MVC from the New ASP.NET Web Application dialogue. Users are also able to change the authentication by clicking on the Change Authentication button. Users can choose the appropriate mode of authentication for their application. To keep it simple the user might leave it its default state, i.e., No Authentication. To continue, they can click on OK. After all this, Visual Studios takes some time to load a basic template through which the users can develop an easy and simple MVC project.

4) If the user wants to run the project in debug mode, they can press F5, and to run the project in debug mode, they can press Ctrl+F5. Doing these things will open the code in the form of a web page in the user’s default browser.

5) The CSS and JavaScript files of bootstrap 3.0 are already included in the MVC 5 projects by default. Because of this, users can develop responsive web pages. Responsive User Interface is used to change the look and feel of a web page based on the screen size of various devices. The responsive web pages can be easier for the conversion to PWA in long run (In favor of PWA app development companies).

6) This way, anyone can create their first MVC 5 Applications using the 2013 Visual Studio for the web.

For the management of IIS server and the underlying architecture it is recommemded to hire the Microsoft technology associate.There are a huge number of PWA that are working through this framework. This enables the developers to put less effort into the development purposes and more on technologically advanced features. This ensures the development of companies and helps them to stand out in the market at the time of competition.

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