Hands-on Innovation Workshops – January 21st

Above: Fay is again inviting children to learn more about innovation through free sessions in their Center for Creativity & Design. (images from promo and website)

Fay School is offering another round of free hands-on workshops for children ages 6-12 later this month. While  “Innovation Saturday” is free to the public, pre-registration is required and attendance is very limited.

The private school promotes:

Our hands-on workshops, designed for children ages 6-12, are a great way to learn more about engineering, creativity, and design. All workshops are taught by Fay faculty on the Fay School campus in Southborough. 

Programs take place on Saturday, January 21st from 10:00 am – noon. The following topics are offered, each limited to 10 students:

The Humpty Dumpty Challenge
Ages 6-9

Your mission: Protect Humpty Dumpty after he has a great fall! After reading Dan Santat’s picture book After the Fall, students will use recycled materials to create a parachute that will protect Humpty Dumpty so that he doesn’t crack when he falls. Bring your creativity and excitement as we build, test, and rebuild our parachutes to protect our egg-cellent pal!

Seed Engineering Challenge
Ages 6-9

Learn about the life cycle of a seed and how its adaptations help it survive! After reading The Dandelion Seed by Joseph Anthony, students will design their own seeds to suit various environmental factors, including wind, water, and frost.

Power Up Creations with Circuitry
Ages 9-12

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the basics of maker electronics as you handle and connect basic electronic components to make simple circuits, including lights, motors, and buzzers. You’ll build circuits using a variety of conductive materials and incorporate a light-up circuit into a 3D-model for take-home awesomeness!

Intro to Coding: Create Animations and Games
Ages 9-12

Learn the fundamentals of coding and how to create your own animations and games in this introduction to Processing, a free and flexible software sketchbook and coding language. We’ll also be working with LEGO SPIKE Prime sets to help students understand how to create a structured sequence of programming activities in a real-world context.

To register for a session, click here.

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