Google’s mysterious project uses AI to grab programmer jobs

In the next few years, a lot of tech workers will be out of work. This is because every day, there are new technologies that seek to take away the need for humans. Fortunately, humans remain relevant because most of these technologies do not have human instincts. According to reports, insiders close to Google claim that the company is working on a new mysterious project. Google is trying to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write code. The company is also trying to train AI to fix bugs and code updates. Analysts say the project could one day reduce the need for human software engineers in companies.


Google Pitchfork project

According to insider reports, the project is code-named “Pitchfork” within Google. It was originally established in the “X” research department of Alphabet. However, Google Labs is now in charge of the project. This means that the project is attracting a high level of attention.

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Currently, Pitchfork is part of a new division called “AI Developer Assistance”. This is an artificial intelligence developer support team under “Google Labs. It is led by Olivia Hatalsky, who was in charge of Google Glass and a few other “moonshots.”


According to internal documents, the purpose of the Pitchfork project is to “use machine learning (ML), train code to write code, and repair and update itself”. Let Pitchfork learn the programming style first, and then write new code based on what you learn.

A Google spokesperson said: “The Pitchfork team is working closely with the company’s research team to explore different use cases to help developers.”

The Google spokesperson also claims that the original goal of Pitchfork is to build a new tool. This tool will be able to update Google’s Python programming language codebase to a newer version. But over time, the project’s goal had to shift. It is now leaning toward a general-purpose system. This system can reduce the need for humans to write and update code while maintaining code quality.

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