Flutter gets new set of lint rules to build better Chrome OS apps

Last week at the Google I/O, Flutter UI framework expanded from mobile to multi-platform and the company released the first technical preview of Flutter for web. On Friday, Google announced new updates to Flutter for building Chrome OS applications. Flutter tools allow developers to build and test their apps directly on the Chrome OS.

New updates for Flutter for Chrome OS

Along with Flutter’s seamless resizing feature, Flutter for Chrome OS comes with additional features such as scroll wheel support, hover management, and better keyboard event support.

The Flutter team also added a new set of lint rules to the Flutter tooling to catch violations of the most important of the Chrome OS best practice guidelines. This will help developers get a better idea of whether their Android app is going to run well on Chrome OS. In the IDE or when running flutter analyze at the command line, developers can see lints if their Flutter app has issues targeting Chrome OS.

Linting Flutter apps for ChromeOS

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Lint rules can be turned on the Flutter app by creating a file named analysis_options.yaml in the root of your Flutter project. The contents should look similar to this:

include: package:flutter/analysis_options_user.yaml




Developing Flutter on ChromeOS has got the developer community excited.

If you’d like to target Flutter for Chrome OS, you can do so today simply by installing the latest version of Flutter.

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