DigiPe makes the ubiquitous digital payment more efficient through introducing ‘double QR’

The Indian government has taken a number of steps to promote and encourage digital payments in the country. The government wants to build a “digitally empowered” economy that is “Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” as part of its “Digital India” push. Digital payments come in a variety of forms and approaches. However, people are now continuously confronting refused or unsuccessful transactions, as well as a high failure rate, thanks to online transaction methods that have made it easier to tap and make purchases. To bid goodbye to this growing problem of failed/unsuccessful transciations, Digipe, one of India’s fastest growing Neo-banking services has developed the Double QR, which removes the term “failed transaction” from the consumer’s lexicon. 

Users can use any of the QRs to make a transaction with the use of a double QR, and if one QR fails, the other QR will ensure that the consumer is not dissatisfied at any point during the transaction. With 200+ corporate clients, 27000+ merchant relationships, 3+ million users, 17000+ app downloads, 50+ employees, five offices, seven banking partners, 150B+ value txns yearly, and five networking partners, the company is strengthening its market position. Two QR code services, as of now, would be available in several states across Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Telangana. However, in the later stages, DigiPe is working towards taking their unique initiative at the Pan-India level.

This comprehensive and unique platform integrates a number of customer-centric services from a number of well-known organisations, acting as a one-stop-shop for a variety of services at any time and from any location. DigiPe’s guiding principles and basic beliefs inspire employees to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. DigiPe’s Core Values are: Drive, Integrity, Gender Equality, Innovation, Professionalism, and Ethics. These core principles have helped the company make better decisions, foster teamwork and employee collaboration.

What makes DigiPe stand out from the crowd is the fact that despite several players competing in this ever-evolving, cut-throat landscape, no brand is solving the issue of failed transactions. With the introduction of two QR codes, each of which is supported by various bank servers, DigiPe has made sure that the people derive maximum benefit from the emergence of digital payment gateways. The brand offers a variety of Neo Banking Services to meet both Merchants’ and Customers’ whole life-cycle payment needs in a touchless, safe, and secure manner. As a forerunner in the market, the platform is preparing to offer first-of-its-kind services that will assist retailers in making double transactions by establishing a double QR Code in a single stand. The platform aims to provide rapid and easy verification via a paperless procedure and is one of India’s fastest-growing Neo Banking Services firms.

India’s digital payments sector is predicted to grow to 300 percent of its current size by 2025. DigiPe’s Business Banking section ensures that all banking and financial transaction processes are efficient and successful in such a dynamic market. The DigiPe App, the company’s core product, reveals that DigiPe has always prioritised innovation as India’s first Double QR. The platform aims to provide rapid and easy verification via a paperless procedure and is one of India’s fastest-growing Neo Banking Services firms.

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