Devour into the tasteful journey with all-new Cardia Advanced Gingelly oil

Cardia Advanced Gingelly Oil was recently set in motion by a Chennai-based oil brand, catering to the public with its expertise in edible oil for the last 49-years. Over the years, the brand has proved itself time and again that they are the go-to when it comes to domestic consumption. This sought-after new product, Cardia Advanced Cold-pressed Gingelly oil, is creating a buzz in the market. Thus, the coming together of the exquisite engineered masterpiece is a sheer reflection of their quality and evergreen demand in the market.

The Tamil film industry has undergone periodic revolutions and Bharathiraja carried forward the idea of giving birth to an unconventional genre of village cinema. Similarly, Cardia Advanced Gingelly Oil is an offshoot and an attempt to take its brand a notch higher to bring people closer to their healthier state. Hailing from a small village, Mr. Bharathiraja had a thirst to narrate stories through films. He wanted to stitch a cinematic world that brought the Tamil rural culture closer to people. His films captured frames shot in real-time, portraying the hero and heroine free from artificial beauty, by reflecting the real Tamil authenticity. Today he is recognised as a revered director of the Tamil entertainment industry. In TVC, he encapsulates the viewers by spreading the aroma of South Indian cooking and reiterates that it is more than food, the experience that comes with it.

The hero behind all the solutions  

South Indian culture is all about making food using age-old recipes and integrating earthy flavours, which results in food that leaves you wanting more, and we at Kaleesuwari wanted to be a part of this flavour-bursting phenomenon.

The new range of Cardia Advanced Cold-Pressed gingelly oil is a hidden gem and has been warmly accepted by the Tamilians. Be it preparing Kara Kuzhambu, or dabbing it for a beauty regime, gingelly oil is multi-purpose in nature.

This unmatched oil is extracted by the traditional method from the roasted sesame seeds and is further sold as virgin oil. It is unadulterated, sealing all its health benefits in one, making it the most desirable as it also compliments patrons with an active lifestyle. The richness of the oil lies in the packaging since each package of Cardia is packed with gratitude and care.

Now, that we are discussing the health benefits of the oil, we need to know what Cadia is here to offer. This handcrafted specially curated gingelly oil is a profuse source of Omega 6, Omega 9 Fatty Acids, and is rich in cholesterol-lowering lignans, Tocopherols, and natural oxidants, making every dish you make, a healthy affair!

Here’s why we should opt for gingelly oil

If you are looking for a balanced oil, then gingelly is the oil for you. It will not only offer you great health benefits but will slide easily into your kitchen as a cooking oil. The edible property makes it unique and demanding.

Nowadays, people are becoming health-conscious and are adopting an organic lifestyle, which is why we see a trend in the market of ancient practices getting re-introduced. These days skincare and haircare products are available in abundance, giving brands tough competition.

To address both these areas, gingelly and sesame oil are meant to strengthen your hair and nourish your skin at the same time. There are pieces of evidence that suggest, massaging the oil on the scalp reduces baldness and hair fall. It also soothes the scalp, improves the texture of the hair, eliminates all sorts of dryness, and dandruff, and is beneficial for the overall well-being of your hair.

One of the most discussed topics amongst millennials, especially women,  is their skincare routine. Girls these days are ready to splurge their money to buy cosmetics and beauty products that have stains of chemicals that can harm the skin. Our skin is sensitive and prone to get reactions, so gingelly oil can be your permanent fix. The skin requires minerals like zinc in optimum quantity to retain its flexibility, shine, smoothness, and remove any kind of pigmentation. Constant and gentle application of the oil will have slow yet, noticeable results.

Apart from this, it works wonders if you introduce it into your lifestyle. Research shows, that it improves our sleep quality and also lowers the risk of slipping into depression because it comprises serotonin which safeguards us from emotional imbalance. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which rescue one from developing further ailments. Next, it helps in maintaining oral health. In earlier times, sesame oil was widely used in oil pulling. Over time it helps in removing plaque and maintaining good oral health.

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